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Web3 Live: Two Days of Insights, Panels, and Discussions on Innovations in the Web3 World

Web3 Live, a highly anticipated event presented by Tech Circus, will take place on June 1st-2nd at the prestigious Cavendish Conference Centre in London. The event will bring together industry leaders from pioneering web3 brands to explore the transformative power of the next iteration of the internet, including emerging technologies such as the metaverse, AI, NFTs, and Smart Cities. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in pre-event networking sessions with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, and establish connections that could shape the future of web3. Web3 Live also offers exclusive VIP features, including a web3 boat party down the River Thames, and will continue the dive into emerging technologies following the highly successful Enter the Metaverse by Tech Circus.


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