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DFINITY Foundation Launches $20M Grant Program to Foster Web3 Adoption in Asia

The DFINITY Foundation has launched the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) Asia Alliance, which aims to promote the adoption of Web3 and AI in Asia through education, collaboration and innovation. The alliance brings together a diverse range of stakeholders, including government organisations, investors, tech entrepreneurs, universities, developers and community members, and is supported by ICP's network of innovation hubs across the region. The organisation has also announced a $20 million grant program to foster a vibrant Web3 and AI ecosystem in Asia, with a focus on the adoption of the ICP blockchain. Hong Kong has been identified as a key location for the alliance, due to its progressive government initiatives embracing web3 technology.

Buenos Aires to Integrate Blockchain Technology for Digital Identity Documents

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is set to introduce blockchain technology to its bureaucracy, allowing its 15 million residents to access identity documents via a digital wallet from October. Birth and marriage certificates, proof of income, and academic verification will be the first documents available on-chain, with health data and payment management to be integrated in the future. The digital identity protocol, QuarkID, built by Web3 firm Extrimian, will power the QuarkID wallets, which will be anchored to the zkSync Era blockchain. The Argentine government and the City of Buenos Aires aim for their digital identity framework to be a public good, with self-sovereign data enabling citizens to manage the delivery of their credentials.

Web3 Developer Salaries: North America Leads at $166,610, According to Pantera Capital Survey

According to a survey by Pantera Capital, the median salary for a Web3 developer in 2023 is $128,000. North America reported the highest salaries for Web3 engineers at $166,610, followed by Europe, Middle East and Africa at $102,226, Latin America at $90,559, and the Asia Pacific Region at $75,000. The survey featured over 1,600 respondents across 77 countries, with the majority working in the decentralized finance sector. Additionally, one in five individuals surveyed received a token incentive package averaging $50,000 from seed companies to $130,000 for Series C+ firms.

web3 startup IYK raises $16.8 million in seed funding, led by A16z Crypto

Web3 startup IYK has raised $16.8 million in seed funding, with A16z Crypto leading the way and other investors including 1kx, Collabcurrency, Lattice Capital, and gmoney. According to its website, IYK is a participant in the a16z Crypto Startup School, which is an accelerator program from the venture capital giant that typically invests $500,000 in participating startups in exchange for 7% equity. IYK says that it has recruited over 100 creators from industries such as fashion, music, and art since its founding in 2021. To attract more brands and creators, it is launching a self-service platform to help create digital physical experiences.

OKX Ventures Announces Investment in Web3 Knowledge Graph Protocol 0xScope

OKX Ventures has announced an investment in the Web3 knowledge graph protocol 0xScope, with the aim of helping it build stronger products and development. 0xScope is committed to building an inclusive open-source data ecosystem, simplifying data sources and standardizing data management to help users democratize and decentralize access to Web2 and Web3 data, and effectively reduce costs and difficulties.

Among the Top 40 Game Companies by Market Value, 29 Have Been Involved in the Web3 Field to Varying Degrees

According to a report by CoinGecko, among the top 40 video game companies ranked by market capitalization, 72.5% (29 companies) have to some extent entered the web3 field, investing in web3 projects, developing blockchain games, and even recruiting related positions. However, only 7 of these 29 companies (24.1%) are currently developing blockchain games.

Cricket World Cup to Launch Web3 Fan App

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has teamed up with Near Foundation to build a Web3 fan interaction application based on blockchain for the 2023 India Cricket World Cup. The application is expected to cover hundreds of millions of fans in the next six weeks. The application will allow fans to play prediction games and choose game strategies during the match. Fans will earn points based on their choices and the actual results of the match, and will be included in the leaderboard and rewards during the match.

MoonPay reaches cooperation with MetaMask

According to official tweets, MoonPay has partnered with the Web3 wallet MetaMask. With the new "Sell" feature, users can cash out their cryptocurrency for fiat currency with 0% fees in the next 5 days.
MoonPay reaches cooperation with MetaMask

Sui launches web3 gaming portal Play Beyond

L1 blockchain Sui announced the launch of the web3 game portal Play Beyond, where users can explore their favorite games and learn how to use Sui's blockchain technology to develop and upgrade them.

Sui Foundation reaches strategic cooperation with Ghaf Labs to promote Web3 adoption in the UAE and other regions

Sui Foundation announced a strategic partnership with Web3 investment consulting and advisory company Ghaf Labs, aimed at promoting Sui Foundation's expansion in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East and North Africa region, and promoting the adoption of Web3.