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CyberConnect Integrates Bitget Wallet Browser Extension

Web3 social network CyberConnect has announced a partnership with Bitget Wallet (formerly known as BitKeep), and integrated the Bitget Wallet browser extension into its official website as well as its flagship DApp Link3. By connecting to the Bitget Wallet browser extension, CyberConnect users can seamlessly switch between Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon chains to participate in the CyberConnect ecosystem, mint Cyber Accounts, and manage their decentralized identities. Bitget Wallet’s mobile DApp browser also provides users with direct access to CyberConnect.

DeFi Infrastructure Provider Orderly Network Will Integrate Arbitrum

DeFi infrastructure provider Orderly Network announced that it will integrate Arbitrum, and soon Arbitrum DApps will be able to share order books with all blockchains, supported by Orderly's settlement layer.

DeFi Revenue Aggregator Gro Protocol Will Cease Operations and Dissolve Gro Dao

On September 20th, according to the Snapshot governance page, DeFi yield aggregator Gro DAO passed a proposal to dissolve the DAO and cease operations with a support rate of 70.95%, and provided a clear exit strategy for stakeholders. The steps to be taken afterwards are to extend Groda for 3 months (October 3rd to January 3rd) to focus on dissolving the DAO and stopping operations with a budget of 180,000 USDC.

Cme Global Head of Crypto: DeFi Will Replace Traditional Finance, but They Should Coexist

Giovanni Vicioso, the global head of CME Group's cryptocurrency products, stated at the Singapore Token2049 "Institutionalization of Digital Assets" roundtable discussion: I believe that DeFi will replace traditional finance, but they should coexist. Some institutions have truly adapted to DeFi, but I think more work needs to be done, especially in regulatory agencies. There needs to be relevant regulations and clear definitions of how these developers design these protocols to ensure that they can operate normally and attract institutional participation.

Pantera Partner: Mobile Is a Must for Global Adoption of Crypto Products and User Reach

Pantera partner Paul Veradittakit stated at the "Token 2049" roundtable on September 13th that cryptocurrency is an interoperable layer for the global economy across industries, and that mobility is necessary for future global adoption of encrypted products and user access. Regarding investment, he emphasized his focus on global brokers, financial infrastructure and development tools, NFTs and games.

Coinbase Prime launches Web3 wallet

Coinbase Prime has launched its Web3 Wallet, providing institutional clients with access to cryptocurrencies, NFTs, dapps, and DeFi. The wallet is fully integrated into Coinbase Prime, allowing users to store tokens from supported networks, interact with dapps and smart contracts, trade assets on decentralized exchanges, participate in DAO governance, and manage NFT collections and web3 social accounts.

Liquid Staking Emerges as Dominant Segment in DeFi Sector, Surging to $20 Billion in Assets

According to Bloomberg reports, liquid staking has experienced a significant resurgence, with assets locked in liquid staking services surging by 292% to reach $20 billion. This surge has positioned liquid staking as the dominant segment in decentralized finance (DeFi), surpassing the previous top application, lending.

Yearn: All Services Migrated To Backup Infrastructure, Is Up and Running

September 4th, DeFi yield aggregator Yearn announced on social media that all services have been migrated to backup infrastructure and is operating normally. At the same time, Metamask and Coinbase have been requested to blacklist the ".finance" domain name. Previously, Yearn stated that the team had noticed issues with the domain name registrar for and was working to resolve the issue, recommending users to switch to

$15.8 Million in Cryptocurrencies Lost to Hacks and Exploits in August

In August, hackers and exploits resulted in the loss of $15.8 million in cryptocurrency, according to a report by blockchain security firm Immunfi. However, this is a significant decrease from the $320.5 million lost in July. All of the attacks were against DeFi protocols, with no incidents affecting centralized finance entities. Year-to-date, users have lost $1.25 billion in crypto due to hacks and fraudulent activities.

Pepe Experiences Partial Rug Pull As Anonymous Developers Sell $16M Worth of Token; New Spin-Off Emerges

The new memecoin Pepe (PEPE) experienced a partial rug pull when its anonymous developers sold almost $16 million worth of the token without the knowledge of the official Pepe X account, causing a drop in price of up to 26%. Although some believe the event will not have a significant impact on the token's long-term outlook, others are concerned about increased volatility and hope for the memecoin to collapse.