$1,603.44 24H Price $1,665.93

ETH Price Live Data

Ethereum today's live price is $1,649.00 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $6,387,197,095 USD. Ethereum has climbed by 2.78% in the last 24 hours. The current ranking is #2, with a live market cap of $198,269,950,091 USD, and a circulating supply of 120,236,031 ETH coins.

Market Cap
Volume (24h)
Circulating Supply
120,236,031 ETH
Fully Diluted Market Cap
$ 198,269,950,091


5 Ways To Build Cross-Chain Applications With CCIP

Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) is a new generalized cross-chain communication protocol that provides smart contract developers with the ability to transfer data and tokens across blockchain networks in a trust-minimized manner.

The Evolution of LSDfi

Everyone knew the Merge would have positive implications for DeFi, but not even a year has gone by and it’s exceeded the wildest of bull cases. One of the places we can see this most clearly is in LSDfi - the growing world of DeFi built on liquid staked derivatives. The narrative has been around for a while at this point, so it’s worth examining where it came from and - more importantly - where it’s going.

Exploring the zkSync Era Ecosystem

In a recent GCR publication, we explored the effectiveness of airdrops for both Optimism and Arbitrum. Given the recent traction of ZkSync Era, we will examine its ecosystem to understand the dynamics of it. Let’s dive in.

State of Tezos Q2 2023

Tezos is a Liquid Proof-of-Stake (LPoS) blockchain network that relies on low power consumption and energy-efficient consensus. It combines on-chain governance with self-amending functionality to implement forkless network upgrades and manage future changes. Tezos supports multiple smart contract languages, has a robust NFT ecosystem, and continues to scale through EVM- and WASM-compatible rollups and data availability layer improvements.

State of Stacks Q2 2023

Stacks is a Bitcoin layer for smart contracts. Decentralized applications are executed on Stacks and settled on Bitcoin, leveraging the security and capital of Bitcoin while offering arbitrary programmability that is not possible on Bitcoin’s scriptable settlement layer.

From Virtual to Real: Understanding the Sociological Significance of Metaverses

Why Metaverses are the Future from a Sociological POV and Projects Building to Get Us There

State of BNB Chain Q2 2023

BNB Chain is a public, open-source blockchain that aims to deliver scalable smart contract support for decentralized applications. It seeks to accomplish this with a modular design and scaling solutions. BNB Chain consists of a multichain framework — the BNB Smart Chain, Beacon Chain, BNB Sidechain, BNB ZkRollup, and most recently, Optimistic Rollup and BNB Greenfield.

Worldcoin: a solution in search of its problem

Worldcoin doesn't seem to know what problem it's trying to solve, but they want to scan your eyeballs anyway.

On Greek Mythology and Trustless Oracles

A story of oracles, blockchains, data, and decentralization.

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