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$10.15 24H Price $10.68

ATOM Price Live Data

Cosmos today's live price is $10.63 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $147,834,276 USD. Cosmos has climbed by 1.24% in the last 24 hours. The current ranking is #21, with a live market cap of $4,026,465,024 USD, and a circulating supply of 378,472,883 ATOM coins.

Market Cap
Volume (24h)
Circulating Supply
378,472,883 ATOM
Fully Diluted Market Cap
$ 4,026,465,024


Eclipse Fi announces ECLIP token economics, IDO price at $0.075

On December 10th, Eclipse Fi, a Cosmos ecological modular token issuance platform, announced the ECLIP token economics on social media. The specific contents are as follows:

ATOM’s 24-hour trading volume reached 31.63 BTC, a record high

On December 9th, Atomicals Market officially announced on social media that the 24-hour trading volume of Bitcoin Atomicals ecological token ATOM reached 31.63 BTC, setting a new historical record for the platform.

Cosmos launches CometBFT V1 Alpha to reduce bandwidth consumption and enable modularity

On December 6th, Cosmos officially announced on social media the launch of CometBFT V1 Alpha version. It is reported that the features of this version include reducing bandwidth consumption, achieving modularity, enhancing the experience of integrators, and improving development speed.

Cosmos launches CometBFT V1 Alpha version to reduce bandwidth consumption and achieve modularity

On December 6th, Cosmos announced the release of CometBFT V1 Alpha version, which features reduced bandwidth consumption, modularization, enhanced integration experience for developers, and increased development speed. This Alpha version allows breaking changes to the Go API until the final candidate version is determined.

UX Chain (formerly Umee) new proposal: It is recommended to merge Osmosis and UX Chain

Cosmos ecosystem lending platform UX Chain (formerly Umee) has proposed a new plan to merge the Cosmos ecosystem DEX Osmosis with Umee UX Chain to enhance network security, simplify the token ecosystem, and achieve the best DeFi functionality.

Cosmos ecological DeFi public chain Kujira may launch futures trading functions

On November 30th, Kujira, the DeFi public chain in the Cosmos ecosystem, had an undefined page for Futures trading on its official website, suggesting that the Kujira Futures function may be launched soon.

Cosmos Ecological Foundation invests US$100,000 in Celestia in 2021, currently valued at US$70 million

According to a post by John Galt, the strategic director of Stride, on X platform, the Interchain Foundation (ICF) of the Cosmos ecosystem foundation once invested $100,000 in Celestia, holding 1.6% of the shares, currently worth $70 million. The Cosmos ecosystem foundation also holds BTC, ETH, USD, and ATOM worth about $350 million in total.

Cosmos Co-Founder Plans Fork of Network Following Governance Change and Aims for Airdrop of New ATOM1 Tokens

Jae Kwon, the founder of Cosmos (ATOM), is planning to fork the blockchain after a successful governance proposal to limit ATOM inflation to 10%. The proposal, which reduced inflation from 14% to 10% and lowered staking rewards, was not supported by Kwon, prompting the idea for a new fork called AtomOne. Kwon aims to mend the divide in the Cosmos community by providing an alternative to the current governance architecture with AtomOne, which will lead the development and praxis of giving representation to every (sub)group. If the fork happens, there would be an airdrop of new ATOM1 tokens to various users within the community.

Cosmos founder initiated AtomOne network fork due to opposition to ATOM production reduction proposal

On November 27th, Cosmos founder Jae Kwon posted that although he voted against the proposal to reduce ATOM production and set the maximum inflation rate to 10%, the proposal still passed. Kwon believes that the final plan should include integrating ATOM with ATMO/ATMO1 so that ATOM will not be sold in large quantities and crash, but instead will be allowed to participate while the README content can be improved. Kwon stated that "Cosmoshub4" will fork and the new network will be called AtomOne, making it the current software, but it will transition to the minimum final product through its own plan and development team (more decentralized than Gaia). AIB will not be the only participant.

The Cosmos Hub community has voted to approve the “ATOM Production Reduction: Set the Maximum Inflation Rate to 10%” proposal

Cosmos Hub community has voted in favor of the proposal "ATOM Reduction: Setting the Maximum Inflation Rate to 10%," with a support rate of 41.1% and an opposition rate of 31.9%. The maximum inflation parameter for ATOM will be reduced from 20% to 10%, which will lower the current inflation rate of ATOM to 10% and reduce the stake annual interest rate from 19% to 13.4%.

dForce: Voted in favor of Cosmos community proposal to reduce staking inflation

dForce has posted on X platform stating that they have voted in favor of the proposal to reduce staking inflation in the Cosmos community. It is reported that the Cosmos Hub community is currently voting on the "ATOM Reduction: Setting the Maximum Inflation Rate to 10%" proposal, which aims to reduce the maximum inflation parameter from 20% to 10%, bringing down the current inflation rate of ATOM to 10% and reducing the staking annual interest rate from 19% to 13.4%. The voting deadline is November 26th.

Atomics Market founder Erik will resign, and the new team will pay 33,000 ATOM in full

Regarding the market and browser Atomicals and ARC-20, early member of the Atomicals Market community shep.eth said that Atomicals Market (AM) founder Erik will no longer hold any management position, and the new CEO will be a friend of shep.eth.<br>Currently, the CEO position is still in progress and has not been completed. The entire 33,000 ATOM lost in the previous two "zero purchase" events will be fully compensated by the new team within a week after the handover is completed; The overall operation and development team of AM will be adjusted to enhance the testing process; After fixing the vulnerabilities, AM will reopen trading and establish a security fund guarantee mechanism to deal with possible unexpected events in the future; AM will reconsider and adjust its brand, including logo and name. In addition, shep.eth stated that he will not participate in AM management and decision-making.

The Cosmos Hub community opens a vote on the proposal to allocate 600,000 ATOM to pSTAKE for liquidity staking growth

On November 24th, the proposal regarding the allocation of 600,000 ATOMs for pSTAKE liquidity staking growth in the CosmosHub community has opened for voting and the deadline for voting is December 5th. The proposal aims to increase the liquidity staking of stkATOM for pSTAKE by allocating 600,000 ATOMs as liquidity owned by the Cosmos Hub protocol on Astroport (Neutron) and Dexter (Persistence). As a reward, pSTAKE Finance (through PSTAKE governance) has promised to share 15% of its total revenue from ATOM liquidity staking with Cosmos Hub and waive the protocol fee charged for 300,000 ATOM liquidity staking (currently set at 5%).

Cosmos Hub community votes to adopt Skip Block SDK proposal

Cosmos Hub community has voted in favor of the "Adoption of Skip Block SDK" proposal, with a final approval rate of 88.8%. The proposal suggests using the open-source Skip Block SDK to update the Cosmos Hub fee market. After Cosmos Hub upgrades to Cosmos SDK 0.47, the next upgrade will include the EIP-1559 fee market channel, which will help improve Cosmos Hub's revenue model and expand its security products.

Cosmos ecological tokens have generally risen recently, with ATOM rising by 12% on the 7th

According to Coingecko data on November 15th, a recent general rise in Cosmos ecological tokens, including: ATOM - 7-day increase of 12%, currently priced at $9.33; CRO - 7-day increase of 10.5%, currently priced at $0.090; RUNE - 7-day increase of 57.4%, currently priced at $5.06; KAVA - 7-day increase of 11.6%, currently priced at $0.80; KUJI - 7-day increase of 79.1%, currently priced at $3.55; OSMO - 7-day increase of 25.9%, currently priced at $0.63.

Cosmos SDK releases Eden (v0.50) version

On November 8th, Cosmos SDK released the Eden (v0.50) version with the following major updates: comprehensive improvement of consensus mechanism flexibility with ABCI++, reduced complexity of module creation with AutoCLI, improved disk storage and performance with IAVL 1.0, advanced execution of block time with the new "optimistic execution" feature, and improved transaction signing experience with Sign Mode Textual. This version also includes optimization of modular writing and updates to policy modules.

Quasar Finance, the Cosmos ecological DeFi protocol, will launch its first round of airdrops for testnet participants at the end of this month

According to official sources, the airdrop proposal for Cosmos ecosystem DeFi protocol Quasar Finance has been approved. The first round of airdrops will be available to testnet participants and will begin in 22 days. Users can currently check their eligibility for the QSR airdrop on the corresponding page. Previously in January, Quasar Finance completed a $5.4 million financing round with a $70 million valuation, led by Shima Capital and with participation from Polychain Capital, Blockchain Capital, HASH Capital, CIB, and Osmosis co-founder Sunny Aggarwal. In March, the Quasar Finance mainnet was launched.

The cross-chain liquidity protocol Catalyst has been launched on the inEVM test network, allowing token exchange between Cosmos and Ethereum

On November 2nd, Catalyst, a cross-chain liquidity protocol for modular blockchain, has launched a testnet with inEVM, which enables composability across Cosmos and Solana. Currently, it has connected liquidity between inEVM and Scroll Sepolia, allowing anyone to exchange INJ and ETH between Cosmos and Ethereum. As previously reported by Jinse Finance, Injective, a Layer1 blockchain based on Cosmos, announced the launch of Caldera, a Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) project that enables true composability across Cosmos and Solana with inEVM.

Cosmos Ecological Foundation ICF: IBC will soon be expanded to Avalanche

Interchain Foundation (ICF) of the Cosmos ecosystem fund announced on X that the cross-chain communication protocol IBC will soon be extended to Avalanche. The Landslide Network team is currently developing an IBC light client on Avalanche, enabling seamless interoperability between Avalanche, Cosmos Hub, and over 100 other blockchains that support IBC.

Cosmos’ proposal to transfer 42.72 million unclaimed NTRN to the Cosmos Hub community pool was approved

On October 30th, the Cosmos #835 proposal was passed, and 42.72 million NTRN coins, worth $13.24 million, which no one claimed, will be transferred to the Cosmos Hub community pool. Earlier, on October 10th, Binance announced the launch of the 38th new coin mining project, Neutron (NTRN). <br>

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