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Starknet: The Feeder Gateway Will Be Modified in Q4, and Developers Are Recommended to Use Full Nodes or API Services

Starknet announced on X platform that the Starknet feeder gateway will be modified in the fourth quarter of 2023 and will stop servicing multiple types of queries. It will only retain endpoints related to synchronization for full nodes. The feeder gateway acts as a gateway for querying the centralized sequencer of the Starknet state.

Data: Total Number of Bridge Users on Starknet Chain Exceeds 900,000

According to the latest data from Dune Analytics, the total number of users bridged to the Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution Starknet has exceeded 900,000, reaching 900,031 at the time of writing. The total value locked (TVL) on the chain is 442,910 ETH, which is worth over 700 million US dollars at current prices, as reported by Jinse Finance.

Data: Starknet Bridge TVL Breaks Through 400,000 ETH

Dune data shows that the total value locked (TVL) of Starknet's bridging has exceeded 400,000 ETH, reaching 402,789 ETH, with a total of 865,812 users on the bridging chain. In addition, the current TVL of Arbitrum's bridging is 2,846,354 ETH, Optimism is 594,977 ETH, zkSync is 1,546,341 ETH, and Base is 163,415 ETH.

Starknet Ecological Derivatives Protocol ZKX Launches ZKX Appchain

According to official sources, ZKX, a derivative trading protocol based on Starknet, has announced the launch of ZKX Appchain, which is committed to building a trustless, permissionless, and decentralized architecture while providing the performance of CEX and the security of DEX. As a fully chain-layered solution, ZKX Appchain connects multiple L1 and Rollup solutions to provide users with continuous liquidity and interoperability.

Nethermind Releases Starknet Development Plug-In Starknet Remix

Blockchain tool and infrastructure developer Nethermind announced that its product, Remix, has launched the Starknet Remix development plugin, aiming to simplify the Starknet development process and provide a seamless interface for writing Cairo code. It can simplify compilation, enable flexible deployment, provide enhanced functionality for developers, and support Scarb and browser access.

Starknet Community Proposes Simplified Decentralized Protocol

September 4th, Starknet community member Ilia Volokh proposed the "Simple Decentralized Protocol Proposal". This proposal allows for the maximum simplification of the protocol under the assumption that more than 2/3 of the staking is honest. The simplified protocol will mainly consist of four key parts: · Leader election based on proof of stake to determine the schedule of block proposers; · Create a Tendermint-style consensus protocol for proposer networks to reach consensus on each block; · Chain proof mechanism, where each proposer must prove the previous block to ensure decentralized proof; · Timed L1 state updates to regularly migrate L2 states to L1 while merging chain proofs.

Argent and Starknet Launch Startup Incubator to Boost User Activity on Layer-2 Network

Argent, a Web3 wallet provider, and the Starknet Foundation are launching a startup incubator called Hito Studios to encourage more building on the layer-2 network Starknet. The platform will offer legal support and hiring services to new startups, and has already attracted teams such as Unframed and Ekubo. Argent co-founder Itamar Lesuisse said Hito has earmarked "several million" in funding for projects that leverage the "uniqueness" of Starknet's capabilities. The move is aimed at bringing more user activity to Starknet and fostering the participation of numerous teams in developing products that deliver meaningful value to users.

StarkWare: Stone Prover has been open sourced

StarkWare announced on the X platform that Stone Prover has been open sourced. Previously, developers will be able to independently review, optimize, and use Stone Prover code and build on it. StarkWare stated that open sourcing Prover is an important step towards decentralization of Starknet.

Data: Starknet Network TVL Rebounded to US$118 Million, an Increase of 19.49% on the 7th

According to L2BEAT data on August 30th, the TVL of Ethereum Layer2 scaling solution Starknet has risen to $118 million, a 7-day increase of 19.49%.

Starknet: The community will issue a commemorative NFT to celebrate the quantum leap of the Starknet mainnet Quantum Leap

On August 28th, Starknet announced on social media that the Starknet community will release commemorative NFTs to celebrate the Starknet mainnet Quantum Leap. It is understood that the commemorative NFTs will be released at 1:00 PM Beijing time on August 30th and will last for 24 hours.