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Bitcoin Conference to Bring Star-Studded Lineup of Speakers to Hong Kong on Dawn of Historic ETFs.

Excitement is brewing in the heart of Asia as Hong Kong regulators pave the way for a new era of innovation with the recent approval of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This groundbreaking development underscores Hong Kong's commitment to becoming a regulated hub for Bitcoin. At the same time, the Bitcoin Conference is bringing the best and brightest Bitcoiners from around the world to Hong Kong for Bitcoin Asia.
Bitcoin Conference to Bring Star-Studded Lineup of Speakers to Hong Kong on Dawn of Historic ETFs.

Bitcoin's stock-to-flow ratio has surpassed gold

Since the halving on Friday, Bitcoin's stock-to-flow ratio has exceeded that of gold.

The Untold Story of ditto-b

The story of an anonymous developer who fixed a critical flaw in Bitcoin's code.
The Untold Story of ditto-b

Tim Draper: Bitcoin price could rise to as high as $10 million

Billionaire and American venture capitalist Tim Draper said in a recent interview that with the widespread adoption of Bitcoin and the weakening of the US dollar, the price of Bitcoin could rise to $10 million. Tim Draper said, "(Bitcoin prices in the future could rise to) $250,000 or $1 million, $2 million, or even $10 million."

Bitcoin Valuation by Savings Adoption

A mid-term approach to price modelling Bitcoin is something entirely new, something never before observed. Because of this, many of the trusted tools in our financial toolkits might simply not do a very good job of modelling its performance, and it’s causing apprehension among analysts who are used to deploying certain modelling tools to make sense of asset pricing.
Bitcoin Valuation by Savings Adoption

BTC falls below $62,000

The market shows BTC has fallen below $62,000, now reported at $61,950, with a daily decline of 6.75%. The market is volatile, please be prepared for risk control.

The total open interest of BTC options is $21.03 billion, and the open interest of ETH options is $9.35 billion.

According to Coinglass data, the nominal value of open BTC option positions on the entire network is $21.03 billion, and the nominal value of open ETH option positions is $9.35 billion.

Matrixport: Judging from Bitcoin's market share, the bull market is still in its early stages

Matrixport expressed that some people believe the market may be on the verge of a rise in altcoins. Despite the significant increase in some meme coins and altcoins, based on the market share of Bitcoin, this bull market may still be in its early stages, indicating relatively limited growth in other cryptocurrencies and an increasing market share for Bitcoin.

Early Crypto Miner Moves 50 BTC Worth Over $3 Million After 14 Years of Inactivity, Part of Transfer Ends Up at Coinbase

A person who mined Bitcoin early on moved 50 BTC, worth over $3 million, after 14 years of not touching them. The transfer included sending some of the Bitcoin to the Coinbase exchange. This is one of the few instances of Bitcoin from the "Satoshi era" being moved, with other significant transfers happening in 2023. The miner received the Bitcoin as a reward in April 2010, during the period when Bitcoin's creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, was active on online forums.

43 Bitcoin ecosystem projects have received more than $127 million in financing so far this year

Since 2024, the Bitcoin ecosystem has witnessed a large influx of capital into startups. According to data, in the past few months, a total of 43 projects centered around Bitcoin have raised a total of $127.19 million in financing.