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Fractal Bitcoin: Fractal testnet is expected to be fully open in August

The Fractal Bitcoin expansion plan recently posted on the X platform, stating that the Fractal test network has not yet been opened to the public. It is expected to fully launch the test network in August, and the test network tokens have no actual value or incentive measures. It is reported that before the launch of the Fractal main network, the test network will undergo several resets, and the latest reset will take place on July 20th at 8 pm.

BlockTower Capital CIO: The idea that the US government holds a strategic reserve of Bitcoin is positive for its price

Ari Paul, Chief Information Officer of BlockTower Capital, said that the idea of the US government holding Bitcoin as a strategic reserve could be beneficial for its price, but it is not realistic in the short term. I am against the idea of the US using Bitcoin as a strategic reserve in the next four years at a 10:1 odds. However, Paul further explained that Trump may say this, which would be very beneficial for Bitcoin's medium-term trend. Although the next president may say they do not plan to sell any Bitcoin currently held by the government, this does not mean they actually "establish a Bitcoin strategic reserve".

The transaction fee on the Bitcoin network is 6 satoshis per byte

According to data, the current Bitcoin network transaction fee is 6 satoshis/byte, with medium priority temporarily reporting 6 satoshis/byte and high priority also temporarily reporting 6 satoshis/byte.

10x Research: Bitcoin will have positive performance in the short term, but it is not a major buying opportunity in the medium term

10x Research stated that the target for Bitcoin's decline to $55,000 has been reached. As Bitcoin seems oversold in the short term, a rebound may occur, and macroeconomic benefits are expected to emerge next week. In addition, the SEC may approve the Ethereum ETF, which could trigger a positive trend in the short term. However, they believe that it is not a significant buying opportunity in the medium term.

The German government address transferred 700 BTC to an asset management institution 8 hours ago

According to on-chain analyst Yu Jin, 8 hours ago the marked German government address received a transfer of 700 BTC, worth approximately $40.47 million, and the address is believed to belong to a certain asset management institution that will disperse the transfer to CEX such as Coinbase, Kraken, and Bitstamp.

"How long will Bitcoin fall?" ranked 10th on Baidu's hot search list

According to the latest data from Baidu's hot search list, "When will Bitcoin fall?" ranked 10th on the Baidu hot search list. The market shows that the current Bitcoin price has reached $57,873.42, with a 24-hour increase of 2.5%.

Deribit BTC block options buy $85,000 call options at the end of March next year

On July 6th, Deribit's Asia-Pacific business director, Lin Chen, posted on X platform that today's largest BTC bulk option: someone paid a premium of $1.397 million to purchase 250 BTC call options with a strike price of $85,000 expiring at the end of March next year.

Bitcoin Rune Trading Volume Has Fallen Over 88% This Month

The trading volume of Bitcoin runes has dropped by more than 88% this month. Bitcoin miners have earned less than 2 bitcoins from rune trading in the past six days, a significant drop from the record-breaking 884 bitcoins earned on April 24. According to data from Dune Analytics, the daily trading volume of Runes from June 22 to 28 was 37,800, a decrease of nearly 90% from the daily average of 331,000 transactions between June 9 and 15. In particular, the trading volume on June 24 was 23,200, the lowest level since the fourth Bitcoin halving. In the past week, rune transactions accounted for only 4.9-11.1% of all Bitcoin transactions.

Barstool Sports founder: Will buy $10 million worth of Bitcoin if it hits $40,000

Media giant Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy stated on social media that if the price of Bitcoin reaches $40,000, "I will use Barstool's money to buy $5 million to $10 million worth of Bitcoin, but not at $60,000." He added, "I already own a lot of personal Bitcoin, so don't get confused."

A user paid $2.08 million to buy a BTC call option at $85,000 by the end of March next year

On June 29th, according to data released by Deribit officials, a user paid $2.086 million to purchase a call option for Bitcoin at $85,000 expiring at the end of March 2025, totaling 250 BTC in bulk trading of BTC options.