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Here’s A Clear Roadmap For Knowledge And Skills To Becoming A Blockchain Expert

In recent years, the demand for blockchain experts has surged exponentially in response to this technological revolution. Industries such as finance, healthcare, supply chain, and even governments are recognizing the immense value blockchain brings.

State of the Network’s Q3 2023 Mining Data Special

In this week’s State of the Network, we return with our quarterly mining data special, where we provide a close examination of the current Bitcoin mining landscape through the lens of Coin Metrics’ data. Despite a flat BTC market in the back half of Q3 as spot ETF chatter quieted, hashrate continued to accelerate throughout the quarter, recently hitting a new high of around 400 EH/s from 250 EH/s at the beginning of 2023. Hashprice conditions remain challenging, yet savvy miners continue to add operational hashrate.

Guide: Obtaining Wallet Address NFT Statistics Full Data through the NFTScan API

NFTScan's NFT API offers a one-stop solution for multi-chain data, assisting developers in retrieving a vast amount of NFT data effortlessly!

City Ambassador

The Introduction of the City Ambassador

Runes: The New Magic of the Ordinals World?

Runes integrates token records directly into Bitcoin's UTXOs. Runes eliminates the need for a native token. Casey's choice of OP_RETURN streamlines transactions and fosters independence from the Ordinals protocol.

Do Kwon says SEC’s extradition request is impossible

The Terraform Labs co-founder has pushed back against the SEC’s request to question him in the United States.

Brazil’s crypto surge prompts central bank to tighten regulation

According to the central bank’s data, from January to August 2023, imports of crypto rose by 44.2% compared with the same period last year.

5 lowlights of Gary Gensler’s evasive testimony before Congress

The U.S. SEC chief was asked whether the purchase of Pokemon trading cards is a security transaction and whether Bitcoin is a commodity.

Bitcoin price to $30K in October, says analyst as BTC price climbs 2%

BTC price strength returns ahead of Wall Street trading, with $27,000 in Bitcoin bulls’ crosshairs.