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Advancing Towards ZK Fraud Proof - zkGo: Compiling L2 Geth into ZK-Compatible Wasm

Optimistic Rollup stands out as a widely adopted Layer 2 solution designed to scale Ethereum. This approach optimistically posts L2 transactions and their execution outcomes on the Ethereum mainnet, substantially reducing the costs associated with on-chain execution.

What Builders Talk About When They Talk About AI

The most common refrain across those building AI is that AI is emerging as the next computing platform, and we are still very, very early in that process.

Ethereum Staking in 2023: A Year of Growth and Transformation

Ethereum staking saw strong demand from institutions following the Merge. Even if the adoption rate slows down in a few months, its future looks promising, say Vivek Chauhan and David Lawant, of FalconX.

U.S. Shutdown, Assuming It Doesn’t Run Long, Will Slow, Not Cripple Crypto Efforts

Experts suggest that the courts and the SEC will keep rolling if the government is shuttered, but an already sluggish interaction with federal officials may be slowed even further.

ChainStar SaaS: Unlocking the New Era of Digital Asset Trading Platforms

With the boom in the Web3 financial industry, the trading volume of innovative derivatives is continuing to grow. What are the significant challenges in this highly competitive market?

Crypto exchange Binance among firms eyeing new stablecoins in Japan

Binance and Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation (MUTB) are exploring the issuance of Yen and other foreign currency-denominated stablecoins in Japan.

Binance exit aftershock: Can one resignation tip the crypto trust scales?

The announcement of yet another top figure departing Binance coincided with an increased outflow of funds from the crypto platform. But can one executive resignation really have such an impact?

Crypto exchange Binance reopens exchange services in Belgium

In June, Binance was ordered to halt its services in Belgium "with immediate effect," leading to the exchange redirecting Belgian users to its Binance Poland entity.

What are the origins of the four Shenzhen-listed crypto exchanges confirmed by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission?

These four institutions are all from Hong Kong, and the previously reported "hot spots" for applications are not the same, which also means that none of the local exchanges in the currency circle that previously announced their applications have officially submitted their applications.