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What is AOVM?

AOVM is an #AILayerProtocol built on @aoTheComputer, combining AO's hyper parallel with AI large models.

LingoAI’s Founder Una Wang: DePIN x AI - The Future of People’s AI

Read the CEO & founder's narrative of LingoAI’s vision, to use DePIN and AI to support all human languages, promoting AI inclusivity and connectivity across the globe.

Leveraging Swaap Earn for Enhanced Capital Efficiency: A Case Study for dlcBTC Investors

Explore how dlcBTC investors can leverage Swaap Earn to earn a 10% APY. Discover the integration of advanced DeFi strategies with the security of dlcBTC, offering a high-yield, low-risk investment opportunity in DeFi.

Web3 Project Engagements: How Far Away Is Your Project From Achieving PMF?

Successfully achieving PMF goes beyond identifying market demand.

Google blames users for wildly inaccurate ‘AI Overview’ outputs

Elon Musk recently said AI would surpass humans by 2025 but Google’s models are so inaccurate they’re being tuned by hand.

A need for speed? How major traders and venues think about latency in today’s crypto market

Incorrect reports that the EU is set to ban anonymous crypto wallets and self-custodial payments went viral over the weekend. It followed a misinterpretation of comments from a member of the European Parliament, confirming committee approval of the new EU Anti Money Laundering Regulation (AMLR). However, the reports were swiftly debunked, with Circle’s EU Strategy and Policy Director Patrick Hansen confirming there was no such ban.

Time to Harvest! HTX Liquid Restaking Injects ETHFI & zkLink Airdrops and Allows Points Redemption Soon

This summer, as the scorching heat envelopes the Northern Hemisphere, an even more exciting anticipation filled the air—the arrival of the restaking airdrop harvest season. HTX, the global leading cryptocurrency exchange, is heating up the restaking season with the addition of Etherfi (ETHFI) and zkLink airdrops to its Liquid Restaking event. Points earned through the event will soon be accessible for redemption, allowing users to capitalize on their participation. According to the previous report, the event has recently increased its quota to over $150 million and introduced a new version featuring a clearer reward display and automatic update from LRS points to r-points.

NEAR 1Q24 Review

In Q1 2024, NEAR experienced significant growth in on-chain performance and ecosystem expansion. Beyond the broader crypto market's bullish trend fueled by Bitcoin ETFs, there has been notable attention directed towards AI, memecoins, and Web3's rece

Ingonyama: The "Gatekeeper" of Digital Security on Web3

How can optimized zk-proof technology solve Web3's security issues?

🎉 Exciting Update: NFTScan Enhances the NFT Explorer of Ordinals with Advanced Data Parsing and Expanded Market Analysis

On May 16, 2024, the NFTScan team officially launched a comprehensive NFT Explorer of Ordinals upgrade.