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OKX President Hong: POR is an important step for industry self-regulation, technology will bring more transparency

On April 6th, OKX President Hong was invited to attend the main forum of the "2024 Hong Kong Web3 Carnival" and delivered a keynote speech on the theme of "Responsible Innovation". In the speech, Hong stated that in the development process of the past two years, in addition to bringing the best applications as innovators, entrepreneurs, and builders, we are also learning from regulated industries and adopting their best practices to enhance transparency, responsibility, and rights. We first increase transparency and responsibility through technology.

Du Jun, Executive Director and CEO of Xinhuo & Founder of ABCDE: Xinhuo Technology and ABCDE will invest 100 million US dollars to support blockchain companies that promote social development

On April 5th, it was announced that the Bitcoin Day summit, co-hosted by ABCDE, SINOHOPE (stock code: 1611.HK), and OKX Wallet, officially opened at the Regal Hotel in Hong Kong. Du Jun, Executive Director and CEO of SINOHOPE and founder of ABCDE, gave the opening speech.

Cellula Completes $2 Million Pre-Seed Round of Financing, Led by SevenX Ventures and OKX Ventures

On April 5th, it was announced that the AI game Cellula has completed a $2 million Pre-Seed round of financing. SevenX Ventures and OKX Ventures led the investment, with participation from Mask Network and Foresight Ventures. The team stated that the new funds will be used for multi-chain deployment, new game development, and team operations.

1968 wallets that have been dormant for 4 years bought back 33.23 million OKB from OKX

According to Spot On Chain monitoring, 1968 wallets have awakened after 4 years of dormancy and repurchased 33.23 million OKB (valued at $1.98 billion) from OKX in the past 16 hours. On March 16, OKX repurchased and burned 11.48 million OKB ($748 million), of which 9.68 million OKB ($631 million) came from 539 wallets that had been dormant for 4 years, similar to the aforementioned 1968 wallets.

WLD broke through 9 USDT, rising 25.93% in 24H

According to OKX market data, WLD has broken through 9 USDT and is currently trading at 9.091 USDT, with a 24-hour increase of 25.93%.

OKX Jumpstart project GPT now trades at $0.73, a record high

According to OKX market data on March 2nd, the OKX Jumpstart new project Qna3.AI (GPT) continues to rise, reaching a high of $0.75 and currently priced at $0.73, with a 24-hour increase of 66.7%. GPT is the first AI token in the OKX Jumpstart section.

OKX officially launches crypto trading platform OKX TR in Türkiye

OKX has officially launched its cryptocurrency trading platform, OKX TR, in Turkey. The platform aims to provide Turkish users with a reliable, compliant, and transparent cryptocurrency trading and decentralized financial platform. With the launch of OKX TR, Turkish users can use enhanced localization features, including deposits and withdrawals in Turkish lira at banks such as Fibabanka, VakıfBank, Ziraat Bankası, İş Bankası, Şekerbank, and Türkiye Finans, as well as 24/7 Turkish and English local customer support provided by OKX TR, ensuring timely assistance and comprehensive guidance when needed. Currently, Turkish users can trade mainstream cryptocurrency pairs such as USTD/TRY, BTC/TRY, and ETH/TRY on OKX TR and enjoy the most advanced cryptocurrency features. In addition, OKX's global platform can also be used with the OKX Web3 wallet product. Hong, the CEO of OKX, stated: "The official launch of OKX TR is an important milestone in our global expansion strategy. Turkey's adoption rate of cryptocurrencies is close to 50%, representing a very active and promising market. The widespread awareness and high participation of Turkish users in cryptocurrency assets provide an ideal environment for OKX to enter this market, and we are committed to helping sustain the vibrant ecosystem."

OKX proposes modular smart account ERC-7579 standard

OKX announced its partnership with Biconomy, ZeroDev, and Rhinestone to officially propose the ERC-7579 standard. This standard simplifies and unifies modular intelligent account management technology, aiming to help developers customize functions for Web3 wallet users more conveniently and improve user experience. By introducing the ERC-7579 standard, a minimal and standardized method is provided for developers to handle modular intelligent accounts and improve interoperability between different wallet service providers. This reduces fragmentation in the intelligent account community and promotes a more integrated blockchain ecosystem. In addition, the ERC-7579 standard also paves the way for a "module store," allowing any developer to create modules compatible with different intelligent accounts, opening up endless possibilities for the field of Web3 wallets and related solutions. It is understood that OKX is an important innovator in the field of account abstraction and officially launched the AA intelligent contract account on August 1, 2023, allowing OKX Web3 wallet users to pay gas with USDC or USDT. In the future, OKX's AA intelligent contract account will introduce more features, such as social recovery, so that even if a user loses their private key, they can select trusted "guardians" from their social network to assist in recovering control of their account.

OKX announces the appointment of Mehmet Çamır as Chairman of the OKX Türkiye Board of Directors

Mehmet Çamır has been appointed as the Chairman of the Board of OKX Turkey (OKX TR). In addition, OKX's Chief Legal Officer, Mauricio Beugelmans, has been appointed as a member of the OKX TR Board of Directors.

Smart Layer has been integrated into OKX wallet

On February 17th, according to official sources, Smart Layer has been integrated into the OKX wallet. Through this integration, OKX wallet users will be able to seamlessly access the innovative features provided by Smart Layer. This includes a new integration layer that can achieve trustless ERC-5169 token logic, paving the way for tokenized networks with integration potential.