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A new wallet withdrew 9 million PEOPLE from OKX

According to Lookonchain monitoring, 30 minutes ago, a new wallet withdrew 9 million PEOPLE (1 million USD) from OKX.

OKX adjusts minimum trading volume for Bitcoin and Ethereum spot pairs in Euro

According to an official announcement, OKX will adjust the minimum trading amount for some spot trading pairs on June 14, 2024 from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM (UTC+8). The minimum trading volume for the Bitcoin/Euro trading pair will be 0.0001, and the minimum trading volume for the Ethereum/Euro trading pair will be 0.001.

Mempool founder: OKX's wallet collection operation cost a total of 254.28 BTC in fees

Mempool founder @mononautical posted on social media that OKX's wallet consolidation operations from block 846867 resulted in a total of 2385 confirmed and pending transactions, using 357092 inputs, with an average fee rate of 246.65 sat/vb and a total cost of 254.28 BTC (approximately $17.6 million). Mononautical stated that this appears to be caused by a poorly executed automated system that caused itself to bid for transactions, leading to uncontrolled fees.

OKX Ventures invests in Web3 ‘play ARPG to train AI’ game Blade of God X

The game is currently available in early access on the Epic Games Store.
OKX Ventures invests in Web3 ‘play ARPG to train AI’ game Blade of God X

OKX will launch ZeroLend (ZERO) spot trading

According to an official announcement, OKX will launch ZeroLend (ZERO) spot trading and open ZERO/USDT trading at 16:00 on May 6th.

OKX Web3 Wallet is now connected to B² Network

On May 1st, OKX Web3 Wallet has become the first to integrate with B² Network. Users can switch to B² Network with just one click without manual configuration to manage and transfer corresponding currencies.

OKX releases the 18th PoR: The total value of reserves of BTC, ETH, USDC and USDT reaches US$22.39 billion

OKX released the 18th reserve proof, with the reserve rate of 22 publicly disclosed currencies exceeding 100%, including BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC with reserve rates of 103%, 104%, 104%, and 103%, respectively. The total value of the four currencies is $22,393,852,170. It is reported that OKX is committed to improving the transparency of PoR to the level of traditional financial audit standards, thereby continuously leading the industry in safety and transparency. OKX insists on monthly releases of PoR, with the reserve rate exceeding 100% for 18 consecutive months, and the number of publicly disclosed currencies has increased from 3 to 22. It has continuously upgraded the PoR system through technologies such as Merkel Trees, Full View Merkel Trees, and zk-STARK, setting multiple milestones. On the premise of protecting privacy, users can independently verify the payment ability of OKX at any time, and it has been rated by blockchain expert Nic Carter as the highest level of PoR quality representing mainstream exchanges.

OKX President Hong: POR is an important step for industry self-regulation, technology will bring more transparency

On April 6th, OKX President Hong was invited to attend the main forum of the "2024 Hong Kong Web3 Carnival" and delivered a keynote speech on the theme of "Responsible Innovation". In the speech, Hong stated that in the development process of the past two years, in addition to bringing the best applications as innovators, entrepreneurs, and builders, we are also learning from regulated industries and adopting their best practices to enhance transparency, responsibility, and rights. We first increase transparency and responsibility through technology.

Du Jun, Executive Director and CEO of Xinhuo & Founder of ABCDE: Xinhuo Technology and ABCDE will invest 100 million US dollars to support blockchain companies that promote social development

On April 5th, it was announced that the Bitcoin Day summit, co-hosted by ABCDE, SINOHOPE (stock code: 1611.HK), and OKX Wallet, officially opened at the Regal Hotel in Hong Kong. Du Jun, Executive Director and CEO of SINOHOPE and founder of ABCDE, gave the opening speech.

Cellula Completes $2 Million Pre-Seed Round of Financing, Led by SevenX Ventures and OKX Ventures

On April 5th, it was announced that the AI game Cellula has completed a $2 million Pre-Seed round of financing. SevenX Ventures and OKX Ventures led the investment, with participation from Mask Network and Foresight Ventures. The team stated that the new funds will be used for multi-chain deployment, new game development, and team operations.