16,500 ETH Transferred From Unknown Wallet to OKX

Whale Alert has detected the transfer of 16,500 ETH from an unknown wallet to OKX, worth $26,778,575.

OKX Will Upgrade Its Funding System From 14:30–14:40 Today

OKX announced that it will upgrade its fund system on September 21, 2023, from 14:30-14:40 (UTC+8). During this period, depositing, withdrawing, and transferring funds will not be possible. Please evaluate your account risk reasonably based on your position/account margin rate in advance. If necessary, you can supplement your margin in advance.

The Whale Holding 5 Million Ape Transferred 2.6 Million Ape to OKX in the Past 16 Days, Approximately US$3.27 Million.

September 15th, BlockBeats News reported that a whale address starting with 0xbaff has deposited a total of 2.6 million APE coins (approximately $3.27 million) into OKX in the past 16 days. This is the first sale by the whale since acquiring 5 million APE tokens from ApeCoin Treasury. As previously reported, at 8:00 on September 17th, ApeCoin will unlock 40.6 million APE coins (worth approximately $51.6 million), accounting for about 11.02% of the circulation

OKX CEO Star: The Platform Will Pay 100% Compensation for Contract Changes on September 13

On September 15th, OKX CEO Star posted on the X platform stating that the platform will fully compensate all affected customers for the contract anomaly that occurred on September 13th, and expressed apologies: "We fully understand that the stability of the trading system is very important to our customers. Over the past 10 years, our team has been continuously improving the SLA, but due to the complexity of the trading system, we still encounter some minor issues every few months. We are very sorry for this and will strive to make our stability better and better."

OKX Fund System Upgrade Has Been Postponed to 14:30–14:40 on September 21 (UTC+8)

September 14th, OKX officially announced that the scheduled fund system upgrade, originally planned for September 14th, 2023 from 14:30-14:40 (UTC+8), will be postponed and the time will be adjusted to September 21st, 2023 from 14:30-14:40 (UTC+8).

Data: A Giant Whale Withdrew 9,400 ETH From OKX Three Hours Ago, About $15.3 Million

According to Lookonchain monitoring, a whale withdrew 9,400 ETH (approximately $15.3 million) from OKX three hours ago. It is reported that since the market downturn on August 18th, the whale has withdrawn 32,000 ETH (approximately $52.3 million) from OKX.

Cryptocurrency Exchange OKX Plans India Expansion Despite Regulatory Uncertainties

Cryptocurrency exchange OKX plans to expand its wallet services in India by hiring local staff and tapping into the country's developer community. The company currently has around 200,000 wallet users in India, which is approximately 5% of the country's web3 users.

OKX releases the 10th reserve certificate: the reserve ratio of 22 publicly announced currencies exceeds 100%

On August 30th, OKX officially released the 10th Proof of Reserve (PoR), with reserve ratios exceeding 100% for 22 listed currencies, including BTC, ETH, and USDT at 102%, 102%, and 103%, respectively, with a total value of 10.4 billion US dollars.

OKX Hong Kong Launches 5% Bitcoin Reward Program for Local Users

August 28th, Eu Yi OKX Hong Kong announced that it will launch a Bitcoin reward program for local users. During the activity period, Hong Kong users who use Visa and Mastercard credit or debit cards to buy encrypted assets for the first time on OKX Hong Kong can receive a 5% Bitcoin reward, which will be directly deposited into the user's account. Lennix Lai, the Chief Business Officer of OKX Global, said: "OKX Hong Kong is in a period of rapid growth, and new users have increased by more than double in the past month. Hong Kong is committed to becoming a global center for Web3 and virtual assets, and user education and adoption are crucial. The "First Swipe to Buy Cryptocurrency" reward program launched by OKX Hong Kong aims to provide existing and potential customers with a user-friendly encrypted asset experience, further promoting the popularity and adoption of virtual assets."

OKX and Bybit Stop P2P Services Related to Sanctioned Russian Banks

OKX and Bybit have removed sanctioned Russian banks Tinkoff Bank and Sberbank from their P2P service list. (Cointelegraph) Earlier, it was reported that Binance's P2P service no longer listed five sanctioned Russian banks on its website. A Binance spokesperson said, "We regularly update our systems to ensure compliance with local and global regulatory standards. Payment methods that do not comply with our compliance policies are not available on our P2P platform."