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PayPal Explores Blockchain Opportunities with Layer 2 Solutions and NFTs

PayPal is reportedly exploring opportunities in the blockchain space, specifically with Layer 2 solutions and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The company has filed several patent applications, including one that outlines techniques for directing blockchain requests to a specific group of miners or validators.

Three additional patent applications discuss enabling off-chain transactions using NFT marketplaces, an "omniverse" product that operates across multiple metaverses, and enhancing the efficiency of payments between users and merchants operating on different network layers.

PayPal has been making a strong move into crypto, including offering Bitcoin trading and launching its own USD-pegged stablecoin, PYUSD. The company's push into Layer-2s and NFTs will be interesting to watch.

FTX Japan Will Provide Proof of Solvency

According to Seth Melamed, the Chief Operating Officer of FTX Japan, FTX Japan will provide Proof of Solvency to verify the assets deposited by customers on their exchange in a tamper-proof and verifiable manner.

Seth Melamed stated that FTX Japan strictly manages customer assets in accordance with laws and regulations, and by introducing Proof of Solvency, they will use cryptographic techniques such as zero-knowledge proof to verify and reflect the results on the blockchain. Customers will be able to check the status of their asset management.

The Proof of Solvency service will be available to all users of FTX Japan and Liquid Japan platforms. Further details on FTX Japan's Proof of Solvency will be published on Ethereum every week.

Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried Faces 21-Day Criminal Trial on Fraud Charges

Sam Bankman-Fried, the former CEO of FTX, will face a criminal trial starting on October 4 and lasting until November 9. The trial will consist of 15 full days in October and six in November, with breaks on weekends and public holidays. Bankman-Fried has been denied temporary release from pre-trial detention due to concerns that he may be a flight risk, and could face a maximum of 110 years in prison if convicted of the seven fraud and conspiracy charges against him.

JPEX: The Referendum on the “DAO Stakeholder Dividend Plan” Has Ended and the Results Will Be Released in 7 Working Days

The virtual asset trading platform JPEX, which is suspected of fraud, announced that the "DAO Stakeholder Bonus Plan" referendum ended at 20:00 on September 28, 2023. The platform will carry out data statistics and release the results of the referendum 7 working days later.

As previously reported by Jinse Finance, JPEX plans to launch a "DAO Stakeholder Bonus" asset exchange plan worth about 400 million USDT. The platform will distribute 49% of the DAO Stakeholder Bonus to external stakeholders, and existing users can exchange their assets stored on the platform for DAO Stakeholder Bonus at a 1:1 ratio.

Valkyrie Purchases Ethereum Futures Contracts as VanEck Gears Up for Launch of Ethereum Futures ETF

The price of Ethereum has increased by over 3% in the past day, reaching levels above $1,650. Valkyrie has begun purchasing Ether futures contracts after receiving permission to convert its Bitcoin futures contracts into a two-in-one investment vehicle. Valkyrie was the first firm to receive approval for an Ethereum futures ETF after making necessary changes to their prospectus and risk disclosures. VanEck is also preparing to launch its own Ethereum futures exchange-traded fund, with analysts predicting a debut as soon as October 2nd.

Yuga Labs’ Metaverse Game Otherside Announced the Removal of the Character “Shattered”

Yuga Labs' subsidiary, Otherside, has announced that "Shattered" is being taken down. The restoration of "Shattered" will be announced separately. Currently, the camp can still be used for farming and passive hunting. Yuga Labs has not yet revealed the reason for the removal. It is reported that "Shattered" is a new character introduced by Otherside in the second season of the game. Players (Voyagers) can obtain special treasures after defeating this character.

The Giant Whale Exchanged 9.88 Million USDC Into About 6,000 ETH in the Past Half Day, With an Average Price of 1,646 US Dollars

According to Spot on Chain data monitoring on September 29th, a whale address starting with 0x828 exchanged a total of 9.88 million USDC for about 6,000 ETH 16 and 10 hours ago, with an average price of $1,646. It is worth noting that in the recent three ETH transactions of this address, two were profitable and one was loss-making, with a net profit of about $7 million.

A Giant Whale Doubled Down on MKR on Binance and Has Now Made a Profit of $2.62 Million

Based on the analysis of on-chain analyst Yu Jin, the whale who leveraged long ETH through the smartestmoney.eth address in August and held 22,914 stETH (worth $37.94 million) at an average price of $1,691, has now doubled their long position in MKR on Binance and currently has a floating profit of $2.62 million (53%).

Crypto Trading Platform CoinW Will Set Up a Branch “CoinWHK” in Hong Kong and Has Launched the VASP License Application Process

Carmen Tan, the new Chief Communications Officer of the cryptocurrency trading platform CoinW, revealed that CoinW will open a new branch "CoinWHK" in Hong Kong. The branch aims to provide localized products and services for Hong Kong investors.

CoinW has hired a local lawyer to initiate the application process for a virtual asset service provider (VASP) license. CoinW claims to follow the Hong Kong government's officially implemented new digital asset licensing system to become a key participant in the emerging Web3 field in the region.

2 New Addresses Spent a Total of 800,000 US Dollars to Purchase 1.08 Trillion PEPE 3 Hours Ago

According to Lookonchain monitoring, 2 wallet addresses created 3 hours ago spent a total of $801,000 to purchase 1.08 trillion PEPE tokens. The address starting with 0x1f5d spent 335,349 USDT to buy 455.6 billion PEPE tokens. The address starting with 0x0a8f spent 465,839 USDC to buy 629.2 billion PEPE tokens.