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How AI Can Make Smart Contracts Accessible and Useful for Mainstream Use Cases

The potential of smart contracts as a technological resource in various industries has been the focus of ambitious research. However, their real-world track record remains unimpressive, and their unbreakable feature does not increase productivity and safety in practical use cases. The solution to this problem is the combination of AI and blockchain technology, which can bridge the gap between smart contracts and non-technical individuals.

The emergence of the legal engineer profession, experts in a new type of legalese that can be understood by both humans and computers, is a result of this combination. The use of transparent smart contracts on the blockchain has the potential to greatly increase transparency and improve productivity in various industries.

Data: Avalanche Now Has 1,296 Validators and 99,100 Delegators

Core, a cryptocurrency wallet built specifically for Avalanche, stated on X (formerly Twitter) that as of the time of publication, Avalanche now has 1,296 validators and 99,100 delegates.

Metalist Game Cooperates With TON to Launch Telegram Game BOT, Enabling GameID Collection and Game Blind Box Airdrop

Metalist Game has officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with TON Foundation, and the two parties will cooperate to explore the development of Web3 games within the Telegram ecosystem. Metalist Game is a one-stop Web3 game service and distribution platform. The team members come from first-line game manufacturers such as NetEase, Ubisoft, and Blizzard.

They have collaborated with the Associated Press and Eternal in distribution, aiming to provide a better Web3 game experience for 100 million gamers. Currently, Metalist Game's first TCG card game "Cards Ahoy" is about to go online, and will open up chain-based game identity "Game Console" to target players of TON and Telegram, and holders will receive "Cards Ahoy" game blind box airdrops. "Game Console" is Metalist Game's first game identity on TON and will integrate more Metalist ecological game rights in the future.

Arbitrum Odyssey Is Back Online, the First Week of Missions Is on GMX

Arbitrum has announced the restart of its Odyssey campaign on the X platform. The first task has been launched on GMX, with the first week's tasks running from early morning on September 27th to early morning on October 2nd Beijing time. The tasks include leveraged trading on the GMX V2 market and sharing GMX referral links on social media.

Arbitrum reminds users that it will take a few days to prove eligibility for NFT badge qualification after completing GMX tasks, as qualification information needs to be manually updated this week. Previously, it was reported that Arbitrum Odyssey will collaborate with the Web3 community activity platform Galxe for a period of 7 weeks. Completing tasks and exploring 13 projects on Arbitrum One will earn users a custom badge.

The Optimism Foundation Distributed 67.17 Million OP to 21 Addresses 5 Hours Ago

According to Yu Jin monitoring on September 27th, the Optimism Foundation transferred 130 million OP (167 million US dollars) to the 0x44a2 multi-signature address on September 15th. The 0x44a2 address distributed 67.17 million OP (86.18 million US dollars) to 21 addresses 5 hours ago. This may be part of the OP sale mentioned in the Optimism governance forum: the OP Foundation will sell 116 million OP to 7 investors, and these OP will have a lock-up period of 2 years.

Slow Mist:The Size of Data That Bitcoin Rune Can Store Is Very Limited

SlowMist founder Yu Xian posted on X (formerly Twitter) stating that after Bitcoin Inscription, there is now another type called Rune. One key difference between the two is that Inscription is carved into segregated witness data, while Rune is carved into OP_RETURN. The data size that OP_RETURN can store is very limited, but it is more than enough for coin speculation, and it is not a new technology.

Ethereum Network Gas Fee Drops to 7 Gwei

According to data from Etherscan, the gas fee on the Ethereum network has dropped below 10 gwei and is currently at 7 gwei as of the time of writing, as reported by Jinse Finance.

Wolf Game Announces Suspension of Voting on WOOL Burn in the Valley

GameFi&NFT project Wolf Game announced on social media that, for the best interests of the farm, starting tomorrow, the voting for WOOL burning in the valley will be temporarily suspended and these votes will be downgraded to heritage status.

Ordinals Wallet: Rune Tokens Can Now Be Created via Protocol Runes

Bitcoin wallet service provider Ordinals Wallet announced on social media that it is now possible to create Rune tokens using the alternative BRC-20 token standard protocol. Additionally, Ordinals Wallet reminds users not to use wallets that send Rune tokens, as the wallet currently does not support Rune tokens. It is recommended to create a new address and an empty wallet to store your Rune tokens.

If you use this wallet, you will face the risk of permanently losing your Rune tokens. The Rune token balance will not be visible until the indexer is created. Please bear the risk of erosion on your own. It is best to create a brand new wallet and never use it again.

Sui announces 12 Sui Liquid Stake Hackathon Demo Day finalist projects

On September 27th, Sui announced the Demo Day finalists for the Sui Liquid Stake hackathon, which includes the following protocols for liquid staking: Aftermath Finance, DegenHive, Haedal Protocol, Interest Protocol, SUISA, Volo; the LST DeFi and tool finalists include: Aftermath Finance, Bucket Protocol, Desig, kanalabs, Legato, Wisp Swap.

The Sui Liquid Stake hackathon Demo Day will be held on September 29th from 12:00-15:00 Beijing time, and the results will be announced on October 2nd. Prizes include the distribution of 25 million staked SUI tokens to corresponding applications or the receipt of $125,000 worth of SUI.