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CZ has begun serving his sentence in a federal prison in California

CZ has started serving his sentence at a low-security federal prison in Lompoc, California. CZ's defense team, Latham & Watkins, confirmed that he is now in custody. In November 2023, CZ pleaded guilty to violating the Bank Secrecy Act for failing to maintain effective anti-money laundering procedures. In April of this year, CZ was sentenced to four months in prison.

CZ sentenced: A chronology of Binance’s legal battles in the US

Former Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao was sentenced to four months in prison for violating U.S. money laundering laws.
CZ sentenced: A chronology of Binance’s legal battles in the US

Here’s what happened in crypto today

Need to know what happened in crypto today? Here is the latest news on daily trends and events impacting Bitcoin price, blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, Web3 and crypto regulation.
Here’s what happened in crypto today

Crypto Billionaire CZ Zhao Sentenced to Four Months in Prison, Plans to Focus on Education and Giggle Academy After Release

Crypto billionaire Changpeng Zhao, founder of Binance, has been sentenced to four months in prison for federal money laundering charges. However, he remains positive and has thanked supporters, stating that he will focus on education after his sentence is served. Zhao plans to focus on his Giggle Academy project, a free online education platform for students from first grade through high school. He has also praised Binance for being "under the microscope" during the legal process and reinforcing the importance of compliance and protecting users.

CZ X account has more than 9 million followers, saying it will continue to work hard to build and learn from outstanding people

CZ's number of followers on X platform has exceeded 9 million. CZ wrote: "Thank you for your support. I will continue to work hard and learn from many excellent teachers and developers."

CZ: An educational project is about to be launched and there will be no new tokens for this project

CZ, the founder of Binance, announced on X platform that a new project will be launched soon. However, this project does not involve any new tokens. It is an educational project and more detailed information will be announced soon.

The crypto community launches “CZ concept coin” CZOL to support Changpeng Zhao

As the April 30th trial date approaches, the crypto community has launched the "CZ Concept Coin" project CZOLANA (CZOL) to support former CEO of Binance, Zhao Changpeng, who is facing a lawsuit in the United States. The project is based on the Solana blockchain with a total supply of 9,999,443,793 coins. The smart contract has been declared abandoned, which means that no new tokens can be minted. According to CoinMarketCap data, the current price of the token has exceeded 0.001 US dollars, with a 7-day increase of 100.63%.

U.S. Department of Justice files motion for proposed protective order in CZ lawsuit to protect related sensitive information involved

CoinGape reported that based on a protective order motion filed on February 20, considering the sensitive information in CZ's lawsuit, a US lawyer applied for entry into the protective order. The Department of Justice stated that defendant CZ and defense lawyers did not oppose the request for a protective order. According to US prosecutors, CZ admitted to failing to maintain an effective anti-money laundering program. The evidence provided includes interviews with sensitive witnesses, third-party financial records, and third-party internal business records. The Department of Justice proposed an order in this motion to restrict public access to any information. "The proposed protective order will not be disseminated or distributed to anyone other than defense counsel, defense team members, and the defendant," the document said. In addition, the identities of sensitive witnesses will not be disclosed in public documents. Similar to recent sealing of unredacted letters and medical records, the identities of these witnesses will remain sealed.

US Judge Denies Binance Founder CZ's Request to Travel to UAE Despite Offering $4.5 Billion in Equity as Assurance

A US federal judge has rejected a request by Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, the founder and former CEO of Binance, to travel to the United Arab Emirates. Despite offering to post $4.5 billion of his Binance US equity as assurance that he would return, Zhao was denied permission to go to Abu Dhabi to be present for the hospitalization and surgery of an unnamed associate. Prosecutors argued that Zhao posed a flight risk given his substantial wealth abroad and his minimal ties to the United States. Binance has faced warnings and enforcement actions by regulators across the globe over compliance with anti-money laundering laws.

U.S. court again rejects CZ’s travel permit request

On December 30th, according to The Block report, the Western District Court of Seattle, Washington, USA, once again rejected CZ's "travel permit request" on Friday.