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In April, Polygon’s on-chain NFT sales exceeded US$50 million, setting the second highest record of the year

According to Cryptoslam data, the NFT sales on Polygon chain in April exceeded 50 million US dollars, reaching 51,539,690.69 US dollars, setting the second highest monthly sales record in 2024, second only to January's sales of 112 million US dollars this year. In addition, the NFT trading volume on Polygon chain in April increased significantly to 1.5 million transactions, with nearly 90,000 independent sellers and over 33,000 independent buyers.

Polygon's on-chain NFT sales exceeded $33 million in March

According to Cryptoslam data, NFT sales on the Polygon network in March reached $33,644,836.3, with a total of 1,417,024 on-chain transactions, including 222,959 unique buyers and 101,560 unique sellers.

Polygon zkEVM down due to issues with blockchain sequencer

The crypto community has been pondering on social media about the ongoing downtime, while Polygon assures its users that it is actively working to resolve the issue.
Polygon zkEVM down due to issues with blockchain sequencer

The Polygon zkEVM mainnet beta version has a sequencer problem due to L1 reorganization, and the team is solving it

On March 24th, Polygon tweeted that there was a sequencing issue with the Polygon zkEVM mainnet Beta version due to L1 restructuring. The team is currently working to resolve this issue and will provide a detailed post-analysis report. This incident only affects Polygon zkEVM (rollup) and does not affect Polygon PoS, Polygon CDK, or any chain deployed using Polygon CDK. Additionally, the team plans to release the second generation of zkEVM in the coming weeks.

Polygon zkEVM launches custom endpoint to fix high predicted gas issue

Polygon zkEVM announced the launch of a custom endpoint to address the issue of estimated gas fees being much higher than actual paid gas fees. This update is not mandatory, but recommended to use.

Polygon PoS daily active addresses reach 1 million for the first time

Data released by Sandeep AggLayer, the founder of Polygon, on the X platform shows that the daily active addresses of Polygon PoS have reached 1 million for the first time in history.

Polygon Staking transfers 20 million MATIC

According to on-chain data tracking service Whale Alert, at around 15:33 on February 8th Beijing time, Polygon Staking transferred 20 million MATIC tokens via the Ethereum blockchain to an address starting with "0x3583", worth approximately $16,668,92.

Polygon provides US$3.6 million for ApeChain operating privileges

Huang Licheng (Machi Big Brother) stated on social media that Polygon offered $3.6 million as operational privileges for ApeChain, and the current value of 20 million OP is $60 million.

Coinbase: Investigating issues with send and receive delays on Polygon

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is investigating issues with delayed sending and receiving on Polygon.

NFT sales on the Polygon chain exceeded US$112 million in January

According to CryptoSlam data, the sales of NFTs on the Polygon network exceeded $112 million in January, with approximately 1.679 million transactions on the Polygon network. Among them, there were 222,743 independent buyers and 159,105 independent sellers.