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Polygon PoS daily active addresses reach 1 million for the first time

Data released by Sandeep AggLayer, the founder of Polygon, on the X platform shows that the daily active addresses of Polygon PoS have reached 1 million for the first time in history.

Polygon Staking transfers 20 million MATIC

According to on-chain data tracking service Whale Alert, at around 15:33 on February 8th Beijing time, Polygon Staking transferred 20 million MATIC tokens via the Ethereum blockchain to an address starting with "0x3583", worth approximately $16,668,92.

Polygon provides US$3.6 million for ApeChain operating privileges

Huang Licheng (Machi Big Brother) stated on social media that Polygon offered $3.6 million as operational privileges for ApeChain, and the current value of 20 million OP is $60 million.

Coinbase: Investigating issues with send and receive delays on Polygon

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is investigating issues with delayed sending and receiving on Polygon.

NFT sales on the Polygon chain exceeded US$112 million in January

According to CryptoSlam data, the sales of NFTs on the Polygon network exceeded $112 million in January, with approximately 1.679 million transactions on the Polygon network. Among them, there were 222,743 independent buyers and 159,105 independent sellers.

Polygon PoS integration with

Polygon has announced that the Web3 content publishing platform has integrated with Polygon PoS, allowing creators on Mirror to mint their content as NFTs on the Polygon PoS. Additionally, Polygon Labs has launched an official Mirror account.

GMEE Token: It is planned to open token claiming on the Ethereum chain to GMEE holders on the Polygon chain in February

GMEE Token has released an update on the hacking incident, stating that the impact is currently limited to the Polygon network. Efforts are currently being made to identify and freeze the hacker's funds, and trading is still suspended. However, transactions on the Ethereum blockchain are not affected. Regarding the repair plan, it is planned to open Ethereum-based token claims for GMEE Token holders on the Polygon chain in February. To protect the community, legitimate holders' tokens are currently being transferred back to Ethereum, which maximizes the reduction of the impact and prioritizes community protection. During this migration phase, users will be urged to avoid trading or transferring GMEE Tokens, which is crucial for the accuracy of the Ethereum claims snapshot. Liquidity providers on DEX are also advised to withdraw their liquidity.

In the past seven days, NFT sales on the Polygon chain have increased by over 142%, and NFT sales on the Avalanche chain have increased by over 97%.

According to Cryptoslam data, the Bitcoin blockchain NFT sales volume has increased by 10.47% in the past 7 days, reaching $144,581,502 and ranking first. The Ethereum blockchain NFT sales volume decreased by 3.12% in the past 7 days, reaching $69,083,366 and ranking second. The Solana blockchain NFT sales volume decreased by 33.62% in the past 7 days, reaching $49,950,821 and ranking third. The Polygon blockchain NFT sales volume increased by 142.06% in the past 7 days, reaching $19,381,654 and ranking fourth. The Avalanche blockchain NFT sales volume increased by 97.80% in the past 7 days, reaching $7,877,699 and ranking fifth.

Cyvers: A suspicious transfer involving a stakingProxy contract on Polygon was discovered, and $613,000 was deposited into Tornado Cash

Cyvers' artificial intelligence system has detected a suspicious transfer involving a non-active stakingProxy contract on Polygon. The value of the transfer is $613,000 and has been bridged to ETH and deposited into Tornado Cash.

Starbucks Korea will issue limited edition NFT on Polygon blockchain in January next year

Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, revealed that Starbucks Korea will begin issuing NFTs on the Polygon blockchain in January 2024. The related NFTs are developed in collaboration with Korean art platform Print Bakery and renowned NFT artist DADAZ, and will only be available to customers who incentivize the use of reusable cups. It is reported that customers can accumulate "ecological stamps" by purchasing eligible drinks, and then use these stamps to exchange for limited edition NFTs.