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2 wallets deposited 211 billion SHIB into Coinbase within 10 hours

According to The Data Nerd's monitoring, within 10 hours, 2 wallets (with the same amount of SHIB) deposited a total of 211 billion SHIB (about 5.16 million US dollars) into Coinbase. These wallets accumulated these SHIBs last week, and if sold at the current price, it would cause a small loss (about 120,000 US dollars).

Nearly 90 million SHIB removed from circulation in the past 24 hours

Nearly 90 million SHIB tokens were removed from circulation in the past 24 hours, and Shiba Inu's burning rate surged by 50,000%.

11 wallets suspected of being the same person sold 533.6 billion SHIB 16 hours ago

Spot On Chain monitoring found that approximately 16 hours ago, 11 wallets (possibly belonging to one person) collectively sold 533.6 billion SHIB at a price of about $0.00003, acquiring 15.99 million DAI and achieving a joint profit of $8.24 million (+106%) in less than a month. Currently, these 11 wallets still hold the newly acquired DAI.

A trader deposited 1.24 trillion SHIB into Binance and 16 hours ago

A trader deposited 1.24 trillion SHIB ($35.16 million) into Binance and 16 hours ago. If sold, the trader could realize a profit of $23.5 million (+146%), as monitored by Spot On Chain. It is worth noting that this trader made a profit of $46.53 million from FLOKI and BIGTIME on March 9th and 10th.

The founder of MakerDAO bought a total of 1,008 MKR in the past 24 hours, equivalent to approximately US$2.43 million

On March 10th, Rune Christensen, the founder of MakerDAO, has accumulated 1008 MKR worth $2.43 million at an average cost of $2408 over the past 24 hours, as monitored by @ai_9684xtpa. During this process, Rune sold 425,000 LDO ($1.44 million) and 25 billion SHIB ($830,000), and has now completely cleared out of SHIB.

A whale deposited 365.36 billion SHIB to Binance via 5 addresses in the past 11 hours

Lookonchain monitoring data shows that a whale has deposited 365.36 billion SHIB (worth $5.76 million) into Binance through 5 addresses in the past 11 hours to make a profit. From November 17th to December 27th, 2023, the whale withdrew 365.36 billion SHIB (worth $3.24 million) from Binance. If they sell all of their SHIB, they will earn over $2.5 million.

A large-scale transfer transaction of over 30 trillion SHIB occurred on the Ethereum chain, worth nearly US$50 million.

Whale Alert monitored that around 7:47 on March 2nd Beijing time, an address starting with "0x73af" transferred 3,023,255,579,400 SHIB tokens to an address starting with "0x40b3" on the Ethereum chain, worth approximately $49,933,096.

Shiba Team: No SHIB airdrops yet, beware of phishing scams

Lucie, a member of the Shiba Inu team responsible for marketing, posted on X platform to remind the cryptocurrency community that there is currently no airdrop activity for SHIB, and any claims related to SHIB airdrops are potential traps for stealing user assets. Lucie warns the community to be vigilant against scammers who publish airdrops and phishing URLs, and users should obtain information through official channels and verify information before clicking on any links on X platform. In addition, Lucie also stated that a fake account for the new NFT series "Sheboshi" has been found on social media platforms. This NFT series has already been minted, but there is no airdrop for it either.

A giant whale sold 421.6 billion SHIB and suffered a loss of US$6.32 million

According to Spot on Chain data monitoring, the whale 0x30e sold 421.6 billion SHIB (worth $3.98 million) at a price of $0.059437 in the past 6 hours, including:

A giant whale extracted 500 billion SHIB from, and a total of 1.08 trillion SHIB has been accumulated

According to Scopescan monitoring, 5 hours ago, a whale with an address starting with "0xF633" withdrew 500 billion SHIB (4.73 million US dollars) from In the past 24 hours, this whale has accumulated 1.08 trillion SHIB (10.27 million US dollars) from Binance and