$1.25 24H Price $1.29

OP Price Live Data

Optimism today's live price is $1.29 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $60,097,885 USD. Optimism has climbed by 1.63% in the last 24 hours. The current ranking is #41, with a live market cap of $1,030,519,149 USD, and a circulating supply of 798,517,235 OP coins.

Market Cap
Volume (24h)
Circulating Supply
798,517,235 OP
Fully Diluted Market Cap
$ 5,542,830,949


Ambition Made to Counteract Ambition: DAO Governance and Bicameralism

Lido's dual governance proposal and what DAOs can learn from constitutional engineering

Base Completes Security Audit, ZEN No Longer Considered a Privacy Coin

1. ETH’s Weekly Summary a. Ethereum Foundation Announces Academic Grants for 2023 link On June 29th, the Ethereum Foundation announced its academic grant program for 2023, providing funding of over $2 million to 43 projects across various categories including cryptography, MEV (Miner Extractable Value), execution layer, security, and more. The foundation received over 250 applications in total.

Based rollup: Sequenced by Ethereum

There exist risks of sequence centralization in current rollup networks, and various sequencing layer projects are being launched to solve this problem.

What do I think about biometric proof of personhood?

Special thanks to the Worldcoin team, the Proof of Humanity community and Andrew Miller for discussion.

Exploring the zkSync Era Ecosystem

In a recent GCR publication, we explored the effectiveness of airdrops for both Optimism and Arbitrum. Given the recent traction of ZkSync Era, we will examine its ecosystem to understand the dynamics of it. Let’s dive in.

State of BNB Chain Q2 2023

BNB Chain is a public, open-source blockchain that aims to deliver scalable smart contract support for decentralized applications. It seeks to accomplish this with a modular design and scaling solutions. BNB Chain consists of a multichain framework — the BNB Smart Chain, Beacon Chain, BNB Sidechain, BNB ZkRollup, and most recently, Optimistic Rollup and BNB Greenfield.

Worldcoin: a solution in search of its problem

Worldcoin doesn't seem to know what problem it's trying to solve, but they want to scan your eyeballs anyway.

On Greek Mythology and Trustless Oracles

A story of oracles, blockchains, data, and decentralization.

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