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$1.78 24H Price $1.84

OP Price Live Data

Optimism today's live price is $1.80 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $125,541,754 USD. Optimism has dropped by 1.24% in the last 24 hours. The current ranking is #42, with a live market cap of $2,021,150,766 USD, and a circulating supply of 1,121,728,540 OP coins.

Market Cap
Volume (24h)
Circulating Supply
1,121,728,540 OP
Fully Diluted Market Cap
$ 7,738,749,733


A whale spent 2,000 ETH to buy 2.095 million OP 5 hours ago

According to the analysis of on-chain analyst Yu Jin after the news that a16z had purchased 19.5 million OP from the Optimism Foundation in early March, the price of OP rebounded from $2.3 to $3. 5 hours ago, a whale who had previously made a profit of $20.8 million on ETH and LINK investments purchased 2.095 million OP (worth $5.98 million) with 2,000 ETH at an average price of $2.85. The whale also holds 29,784 ETH (worth $89.71 million) through two other addresses.

Optimism bridge storage total value exceeds 750,000 ETH

According to Dune data, the total bridged value (TVB) of zkSync storage is 3,494,941 ETH. The total bridged value of Starknet storage is 896,494 ETH, Arbitrum storage is 3,605,148 ETH, Optimism storage is 751,295 ETH, and Base storage is 468,495 ETH.

850M OP Dedicated to the Evolution of Retro Funding

At its core, Retroactive Public Goods Funding (Retro Funding) embodies a vision of collaboration and collective success. In order to scale the Superchain, impactful work needs to be rewarded. By rewarding contributions that span across the Superchain and the Collective as a whole, we encourage developers, businesses, creators, and educators to continue making contributions towards building a fair, and open internet.

OP Labs: The fault proof has been launched on the OP Sepolia test network and is planned to be implemented on the OP main network in the future.

OP Labs has released "Fault Proof" on the OP Sepolia test network, and plans to implement it on the OP mainnet in the future. As a security mechanism for the Ethereum Layer 2 network, Fault Proof allows users to raise objections to potentially fraudulent or incorrect transactions. They are crucial for ensuring that off-chain transaction processing is not manipulated.

OP breaks through $4.8

The market shows that OP has broken through $4.8 and is now trading at $4.81, with an intraday increase of 9.57%. The market is volatile, so please be prepared for risk control.

Building a private, on-chain, implementation for RetroPGF

We’re the core team working on MACI, an on-chain voting platform which protects privacy and minimizes the risk of collusion and bribery. We’re an engineering team within PSE 1, which is supported by the Ethereum Foundation

Optimism: EZKL is about to launch RetroPGF validator web platform to verify distribution fairness

Optimism has stated on X platform that EZKL has the ability to continue contributing to the RetroPGF project. According to reports, EZKL uses zero-knowledge proof to ensure legal voting and fair algorithms while maintaining transparency and privacy protection. It is about to launch a RetroPGF validator web platform that allows anyone to verify if the allocation is fair. It is reported that RetroPGF 3 has allocated 30 million OP coins to reward influential work.

OP breaks through $4

The market shows OP has broken through 4 US dollars and is currently trading at 4.01 US dollars, with an intraday increase of 2.56%. The market is volatile, please be prepared for risk control.

Optimism bridge storage TVL exceeds 690,000 ETH

According to Dune data, the TVL of the cross-chain bridging storage of Optimism, a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, has exceeded 690,000 ETH, reaching 697,028 ETH as of now. The number of users participating in bridging transactions has exceeded 340,000, currently at 341,475.

IntoTheBlock: Over 80% of OP holders are still in a state of floating profit

Data from IntoTheBlock shows that despite a nearly 20% drop in the price of OP tokens in the past seven days, over 80% of OP holders are still in a profitable position.

Tomorrow approximately 12 million OP will be transferred between wallets controlled by the Optimism Foundation

Optimism announced on social media that around 12 million OP tokens will be transferred between wallets controlled by the Optimism Foundation tomorrow. These transfers will delegate voting power, rather than being new grants or allocations.

The Role of VC Funding in RetroPGF

In RetroPGF 3, the community had a lively discussion about VC funding and it’s role within RetroPGF.

On Speculation and Optimism's Recent $100m Retroactive Public Goods Grants

While the mainstream news in the crypto space this week was the approval US Bitcoin spot ETFs, another more interesting thing happened. In a difficult time where a lot of tech businesses are laying off workers, Optimism’s 3rd Retroactive Public Goods Funding Round (RetroPGF) funded 501 projects to a tune of over ~$100m dollars (30m $OP). Optimism, a scaling solution for Ethereum, is increasingly setting the tone for how we might envision the funding of work and the ecosystems around it without resorting to traditional business models or current expectations on how to monetize open source work.

Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin Impressed by Optimism's RetroPGF Initiative

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, praised Optimism, a Layer-2 blockchain network built on Ethereum, for its commitment to funding public goods. Buterin commended Optimism's Retroactive Public Goods Funding (RetroPGF) initiative, which distributed 30 million OP tokens worth over $100 million to developers and contributors who played a role in building public goods underpinning the Optimism Collective. RetroPGF is an alternative funding source for public goods creators who struggle to raise capital from traditional channels. Despite Buterin's comments, the Optimism token did not see a significant increase in interest, while Ethereum's prices surged over 17% in the last seven days.

Announcing RetroPGF Round 3 Recipients

501 builders, writers, creators, educators, and contributors from across the Optimism ecosystem have been allocated a portion of 30M OP! RetroPGF Round 3 rewarded contributors for the impact they provided to the Optimism Collective across four categories: OP Stack, Collective Governance, Developer Ecosystem, and End User Experience and Adoption. View the full list of awarded contributors here.

[Temp Check] Burn surplus RetroPGF (+ monetary policy proposals)

Currently, there’s no monetary policy proposal type. So, this is not a proposal, but rather a conversation starter about some serious issues.

OKX will support Optimism mainnet upgrade

OKX will support the Optimism network mainnet upgrade. It is expected that the OP network will undergo a network upgrade and hard fork at 1:00 am (UTC+8) on January 12, 2024. At that time, OKX will temporarily suspend the deposit and withdrawal of OP tokens and related tokens in the network on January 11, 2024, at 11:00 pm (UTC+8). After the OP network upgrade, OKX will reopen the deposit and withdrawal of OP tokens and related tokens when the network is stable.

OP chain element universe ecological opmap opens land mint

According to official sources on December 28, OP Chain's (Optimism) metaverse ecological project opmap announced the official launch of land minting, with the initial land price set at 0.0015 ETH. Users can participate in this event by withdrawing ETH from the trading platform to the Optimism chain.

OP rose to touch $4, reaching a new all-time high

According to OKX market data, OP rose to touch 4 US dollars, now quoted at 3.92 US dollars, continuing to hit a historical high, with a 24-hour increase of 18.92%.

OP briefly broke through $3.87, hitting a record high

According to Binance market data, OP has broken through $3.87 in the short term and is now trading at $3.82, with a maximum increase of 18.13%.

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