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Delysium $AGI & AI Private Yacht Party

Delysium $AGI & AI Private Yacht Party

March 27 · 6:30 pm - March 27 · 9:30 pm (GMT+0900)

Event name: Delysium $AGI & AI Private Yacht Party

Time: March 27th, 18:30 - 21:30 (GMT+9)

Limited slots, attendance is by invitation or accepted tickets only.

Register here:

Delysium’s $AGI & AI Private Yacht Party is the most exciting and value-packed event during ETH Seoul and Buidl Asia 2024.

During the event, the participants can get exclusive insights about implementing AI in Blockchain, learn from Delysium's success in utilizing cutting-edge AI and Web3 technologies, meet top-level L1/L2/L3 developers, network with the most reputable and successful VC funds and other honorable guests who share an interest in AI, win special prizes from Delysium and partners, as well as enjoy live band music, special sets from the top Korean DJs, and beautiful Seoul night scenery.

More about Delysium

"Blockchain for AI, AI for Humanity"

Delysium is at the forefront of technological evolution, merging AI with blockchain technology. We're building the “YKILY” AI Agent Network to facilitate communication between our AI agents, like Lucy, and to integrate them securely into our daily lives. These agents are set to play vital roles in our lives and economy, contributing to humanity's evolution.

Delysium's vision is creating a digital ecosystem where AI is a reliable partner, enriching our experiences with efficiency and innovation.

Other co-hosts:

●      zkLink Nova, the industry’s first aggregated Layer 3 Rollup Network, aggregating the fragmented liquidity across Ethereum Layer 2 Rollups and fostering a unified and interoperable rollup ecosystem, using any Layer 2 tech stacks such as ZK Stack, Polygon CDK, and OP Stack, etc.

●      Digital Finance Group (DFG), a global blockchain and cryptocurrency investment firm founded in 2015 with AUM of over $1 billion in Web3.0, CeFi, DeFi, NFTs, and the Polkadot ecosystem, including: Circle, Ledger, Coinlist, FV Bank, Astar, ChainSafe and over 100 more.

●      Jsquare, a research and technology-driven investment firm facilitating the mass adoption of blockchain technology since 2021, with AUM of over $150 million dollars, strategically invested in 70+ projects, including CeFi (Coinlist, 3iQ, FV Bank, etc.), NFT/GameFi/Metaverse (Pudgy Penguins, BigTime, Apeiron, etc.), Layer 1 (Linera, Shardeum, Zetachain, Oasys, etc.), and Infrastructure (Gensyn, ChainSafe, Chainbase, Cookie3, etc.)