Users Have Minted Over 52 Million Compressed NFTs on Solana

Austin Federa, the strategic director of the Solana Foundation, posted on X platform that according to Dune data, users have minted over 52 million compressed NFTs on Solana in the past six months, and the number of holders has doubled. Earlier in April, Solana launched state compression, a new method of storing data on Solana that can significantly reduce costs. The first use of this method to compress NFTs has reduced the cost of minting NFTs on Solana by 2,400-24,000 times.

Yuga Labs’ Latest Mara Series of NFTs Banned From Trading on OpenSea, Blur, LooksRare and SudoSwap V1

X (formerly on Twitter) user 0xCygaar stated that Yuga Labs has explicitly stated that their NFT series can only be traded on markets that enforce royalties (X2Y2 and SudoSwap V2), and their latest Mara series NFT is prohibited from being traded on OpenSea, Blur, LooksRare, and SudoSwap V1.

NFT Development Service Provider CryptoCoco Completed Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Seed Round Financing

NFT development service provider CryptoCoco announced the completion of a seed round of funding worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, with participation from Skyland Ventures and individual investors.CryptoCoco is a startup that provides blockchain-related services, with its main product being the CocoShop no-code development platform for NFT markets. Its business includes NFT issuance, NFT market development, other blockchain-based system development, and consulting services.

WAGMI Games Launches Founder's Pack NFTs on OpenSea for New Mobile Game, WAGMI Defense

WAGMI Games has launched its Founder's Pack NFTs on OpenSea, featuring 10,000 unique character cards designed by Gadget-Bot. These cards can be used to level up in the mobile game WAGMI Defense, but can only be exchanged on Layer 2 marketplaces after being wiped out on OpenSea. Those who obtain a Founder's Pack will gain beta access to WAGMI Defense and can collect all 32 card types for optimal gaming experiences. WAGMI Defense offers a diverse arsenal of spells, troops, and air units for strategic tower defense gameplay.

Unstoppable Domains Co-founder Brad Kam Will Leave the Company on October 31

On September 28th, it was announced that Brad Kam, co-founder of NFT domain service provider Unstoppable Domains, will be leaving the company on October 31st. However, he will continue to serve as a member of the board of directors. He also stated that he will take a few months off and then plans to start a new business.

Pudgy Penguins 24-Hour Trading Volume Exceeds 1,000 ETH

According to Blur data, the NFT project Pudgy Penguins had a 24-hour trading volume of 1011.16 ETH and the floor price rose to 5.195 ETH, with a 24-hour increase of 9.83%.

0xscope: More Than 60% of the NFT Distributed by Arbitrum Odyssey in June 2022 Went to a Large Number of Bots

On September 27th, the 0xScope team stated that there were a large number of bots participating in the first Arbitrum Odyssey event, which began in June 2022. On June 28th (the day before the event was paused), there were as many as 65,361 new addresses added to Arbitrum in a single day. By the time Arbitrum paused Odyssey, the platform had distributed 438,529 NFTs, of which 282,123 flowed to various bots, accounting for about 64.3% of the total supply. According to statistics, a total of 282,123 bots participated in this event, all of which were processed by 88,241 bot groups.

Metalist Game Cooperates With TON to Launch Telegram Game BOT, Enabling GameID Collection and Game Blind Box Airdrop

Metalist Game has officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with TON Foundation, and the two parties will cooperate to explore the development of Web3 games within the Telegram ecosystem. Metalist Game is a one-stop Web3 game service and distribution platform. The team members come from first-line game manufacturers such as NetEase, Ubisoft, and Blizzard.

Wolf Game Announces Suspension of Voting on WOOL Burn in the Valley

GameFi&NFT project Wolf Game announced on social media that, for the best interests of the farm, starting tomorrow, the voting for WOOL burning in the valley will be temporarily suspended and these votes will be downgraded to heritage status.

PeckShield: NFT Series PudgyPenguins #1188 Was Stolen

According to data monitored by PeckShield, 25 minutes ago, NFT series PudgyPenguins #1188 (last sale price 6 ETH) was stolen by address 0x000058...0000.