Metalist Game Cooperates With TON to Launch Telegram Game BOT, Enabling GameID Collection and Game Blind Box Airdrop

Metalist Game has officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with TON Foundation, and the two parties will cooperate to explore the development of Web3 games within the Telegram ecosystem. Metalist Game is a one-stop Web3 game service and distribution platform. The team members come from first-line game manufacturers such as NetEase, Ubisoft, and Blizzard.

Wolf Game Announces Suspension of Voting on WOOL Burn in the Valley

GameFi&NFT project Wolf Game announced on social media that, for the best interests of the farm, starting tomorrow, the voting for WOOL burning in the valley will be temporarily suspended and these votes will be downgraded to heritage status.

PeckShield: NFT Series PudgyPenguins #1188 Was Stolen

According to data monitored by PeckShield, 25 minutes ago, NFT series PudgyPenguins #1188 (last sale price 6 ETH) was stolen by address 0x000058...0000.

Toy giant Mattel reaches cooperation with NFT project VeeFriends and grants toy IP franchise rights

NFT project VeeFriends has announced on its official blog that the world's largest toy company, Mattel, has partnered with VeeFriends to launch two co-branded figurines, Masters of the Universe Origins™ Skeletor® and VeeFriends™ Skilled Skeleton™. The pre-sale is expected to start on October 7th at midnight Beijing time. It is also reported that VeeFriends has obtained the license to use Mattel's toy IP "Masters of the Universe".

Otherside’s New General Manager: Plans to Include Otherside in 2023 Ape Fest

Two months after Yuga Labs acquired ROAR Studios and appointed its CEO, Eric Reid, as the new general manager of Otherside, Reid outlined the next steps for Otherside on Yuga Labs' official news site. He pointed out that in the coming weeks and months, Otherside will launch more content and experiences, and plans to hold an Otherside exhibition in Europe, while also planning to incorporate Otherside into the 2023 Ape Fest.

NFT Sports Game Analysis Platform Podium Completes €2 Million in Financing

NFT sports game analysis platform Podium (formerly known as SorareData) announced the completion of a €2 million financing round, led by Fabric Ventures with participation from Sfermion and Seedcamp. Podium stated that this round of financing aims to strengthen SorareData's position, promote its operations and products, and also support the launch of ReignMetrics, a data analysis tool customized for DraftKings Reignmakers.

NFT Project Nakamigos Will Hold a New Season of Public Sale on September 21, With the Floor Price Plummeting by More Than 40%

On September 14th, NFT project Nakamigos announced the new season's NFT sale information. The snapshot will be taken from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM Eastern Time on September 21st, and the public sale will begin at 4:00 PM. The whitelist and public sale price are both 0.05 ETH, with a total of 2000 pieces for sale. However, the new season's NFT effect is not as expected by the community. According to Blur, Nakamigos' floor has fallen 42% within 24 hours, dropping to 0.232 ETH.

Animoca Brands Subsidiary Gamee Launches Arc8 Gaming Partner NFT Series “Beasties” and Has Started Casting

Animoca Brands' subsidiary GAMEE has announced the launch of the Arc8 game partner NFT series "Beasties". Players can now mint it for free in the Arc8 app, and upgrading the NFT can unlock in-game benefits. In addition, GAMEE allows "Beasties" NFT holders to mine an in-game token called "Luck" and have the opportunity to participate in special events. It is currently unclear whether the "Luck" token supports in-game payments. Previously, Arc8 received a $1.5 million investment from Binance Labs in 2022, and the current daily active independent wallet count is about 10,000.

The DeFi Education Fund Files a Petition With the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Seeking To Revoke Patent Rights Owned by Patent Troll TRS

The DeFi Education Fund (DEF) has submitted a petition to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) seeking to cancel the patent rights held by patent troll True Return Systems LLC (TRS), which attempted to sell the patent as an NFT. TRS subsequently sued "MakerDAO" and "Compound Protocol" for alleged infringement.TRS's patent was applied for and issued in 2018, claiming to have invented a method for bringing off-chain data onto the chain, including the use of oracles.

Guide: How to Retrieve Complete NFT Collection Data Using NFTScan API

The rich filtering conditions of the NFTScan NFT API help developers pinpoint the target NFT Collection.
Guide: How to Retrieve Complete NFT Collection Data Using NFTScan API