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What Builders Talk About When They Talk About AI

The most common refrain across those building AI is that AI is emerging as the next computing platform, and we are still very, very early in that process.
What Builders Talk About When They Talk About AI

Anjney Appointed as General Partner to Lead a16z's AI Efforts

A16z has appointed Anjney as a general partner to lead their AI efforts. The company believes that we are at the beginning of a new technology supercycle driven by foundation models and generative AI, but few people understand the technology, business implications, important network players, or underlying trends. Anjney was chosen for his expertise in all of these areas, and his reputation as a trusted advisor to leading AI teams. A16z expects great things to come from him and the firm in the field of AI. However, investors should not rely solely on charts and graphs when making investment decisions, as past performance does not guarantee future results.

a16z Deposited 1,380 MKR to Coinbase Again

a16z deposited 1,380 $MKR ($1.52M) to #Coinbase again via address "0x1279" 15 mins ago.Address"0x1279" currently holds 5,520 $MKR ($6M).

Google Allows NFT Transactions on Google Play Store, Snoop Dogg-Backed Music Venture Raises $20M, and More NFT News

Google has updated its policy to allow NFT transactions on apps in the Google Play store. Starbucks Odyssey's next loyalty program stamp will be designed by Micah Johnson's NFT character, Aku. Sound, a decentralized music venture backed by Snoop Dogg and a16z, announced a $20 million funding round. Art Blocks' Chromie Squiggle NFTs have a floor price of nearly $20,000. Web3 is offering free Slurpee NFTs, while Seedphrase, the self-proclaimed "No. 1 CryptoPunk," has signed with talent agency WME to expand its brand. Particle's co-owners have approved the loan of their Banksy painting, "Love is in the Air," to museums worldwide. Meta's new app, Threads, has surpassed 100 million downloads and supports the decentralized social media protocol ActivityPub.

Venture Capital Firm a16z Transfers 6,432 MKR Worth $5.9M to Coinbase

Venture capital firm a16z has transferred 6,432 MKR, worth approximately $5.9 million, to Coinbase through the address 0xd520, according to recent reports. In 2019, a16z received 60,000 MKR, likely as part of an investment allocation, and then sold 27,840 MKR in 2021 at an average price of around $2,750 through Genesis Trading OTC and Coinbase.

a16z Launches State of Crypto Index

Recently, Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) launched the State of Crypto Index, a new interactive tool that tracks the state of the crypto industry from a technology perspective. The index provides a more accurate and detailed assessment of the industry's current state by using a weighted monthly average of 14 key indicators, including the number of verified smart contracts, transactional wallets, and more.

The Risks and Potential of NFT-Backed Financing: Best Practices and Traditional Finance Principles Needed for a Sustainable Future

A recent report by a16z on the "State of Crypto 2023" has highlighted the increasing popularity of NFTs and their potential for reshaping the financial landscape. While NFT purchases have shown positive growth, NFT-backed financing (NFT-fi) presents both opportunities and risks.

a16z Creates Fund-of-Funds to Invest in Smaller Venture Capital Pools

According to a recent report, a16z, a venture capital firm known for its large fund sizes, is developing a new strategy to potentially increase its deal flow. The firm is creating a fund-of-funds to invest in smaller venture capital pools, which will give it visibility on the next generation of breakout tech companies. The trend of large funds attempting to get involved in earlier-stage companies is not new, and a16z's effort is logical if it pans out as expected. 

Spotting Trends with a16z VC

Watching VC money can help you spot trends early. A16z is one VC you MUST watch.
Spotting Trends with a16z VC

Arianna Simpson of a16z To Discuss Crypto Investing and Web3 Strategy at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

Investing in cryptocurrency can be risky, as evidenced by the high-profile collapses of companies like Terraform Labs, Three Arrows Capital, and FTX. However, investment firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) remains optimistic about the industry and recently announced a fourth crypto fund worth $4.5 billion. Arianna Simpson, a general partner at a16z who has experience in crypto investment, will speak at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 in San Francisco in September. The conversation will cover a range of topics, including a16z's investment strategy, the future of web3, and how the company navigates the instability and regulation of the crypto ecosystem.