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Cointime April 23th News Express


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  • Cointime's Evening Highlights for May 19th

    1.US spot Bitcoin ETFs saw net inflows of $948.3 million this week
  • $1.911 billion worth of SOL transferred

    According to Whale Alert monitoring, 11,040,253 SOL (US $1,911,291,365) was transferred from an unknown wallet to another unknown wallet.
  • Cointime's Evening Highlights for May 24th

    1. CryptoPunks Launches “Super Punk World” Digital Avatar Series
  • USDC circulation increased by 200 million in the past 7 days

    According to official data, within the 7 days ending on May 16th, Circle issued 1.8 billion USDC, redeemed 1.6 billion USDC, and the circulation increased by 200 million. The total circulation of USDC is 33.2 billion US dollars, and the reserve is 33.4 billion US dollars, of which 3.8 billion US dollars are in cash, and Circle Reserve Fund holds 29.6 billion US dollars.
  • Cointime May 12 News Express

    1.The number of Bittensor subnets for the AI ​​project will increase to 64, and 1024 subnets will be achieved this year2.Trader predicts Bitcoin price will reach $350,0003.vladilena.eth redeemed 1930 weETH from Zircult, suspected of selling4.Solana’s on-chain DEX transaction volume yesterday exceeded the sum of five chains including Ethereum, BSC, and Arbitrum5.RSS3 VSL locked-in amount surged in the past two days and is close to 200 million US dollars 6.The transaction volume of Club Key on platform exceeded 1 million7.Lido has paid out more than 516,000 ETH in staking rewards, equivalent to approximately $1.51 billion8.1,000 BTC transferred from TronDAO to an unknown new wallet9.Report: Justin Sun deposited 120,000 eETH into Swell L2, worth $376 million10.1707.36 BTC have flowed out of Binance in the past 7 days
  • Cointime May 3rd News Express

    1. The 133rd Ethereum ACDC meeting: The goal is to complete the devnet within 7-10 days
  • Cointime April 23th News Express

    1. EigenLayer: Deposit limits for all LST tokens will be removed on April 16
  • Solana Uncovered: An Introduction to the Solana Network

    A data-driven overview of the Solana Blockchain
  • State of Solana Q1 2024

    Solana (SOL) is an integrated, open-source blockchain with the goal of synchronizing global information at the speed of light. Solana optimizes for latency and throughput, sacrificing some verifiability. It seeks to accomplish this through features such as its novel timestamp mechanism called Proof-of-History (PoH), block propagation protocol Turbine, and parallel transaction processing. Since mainnet launch in March 2020, several network upgrades have brought further network performance and resilience, including QUIC, stake-weighted Quality of Service (QoS), and local fee markets.
  • Cointime April 5th News Express

    1.Mystiko.Network Community Sale Completed, Total $11.25 Million in XZK Sold2.Solana Co-founder Responds to the Sharp Increase in Transaction Failure Rates: Patch Coming Soon3.Ethena USDe market value exceeds 2 billion US dollars, setting a new record4.Du Jun, Executive Director and CEO of Xinhuo & Founder of ABCDE: Xinhuo Technology and ABCDE will invest 100 million US dollars to support blockchain companies that promote social development 5.QCP Capital: Bitcoin is expected to return to $70,000 this week, while Ethereum continues to be weak6.bitSmiley Labs officially launches its independent ecosystem plan, bitUniverse, and reveals its OG pass bitDisc-Black Upgraded Priviledges 7.Avalanche Foundation launches ice-breaking plan, focusing on LST track in the first phase and funding 500,000 AVAX 8.SuperRare Expands into Bitcoin Ordinals with Killer Acid's Psychedelic Art Collection 9.A dormant whale address for 8 months deposited 1,100 BTC into Binance10.Meme exchange completes multi-million dollar strategic investment, with participation from ABO Digital and others