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Cointime May 25 News Express


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  • Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission: Promote the implementation of the mutual recognition arrangement between the Mainland and Hong Kong, and allow sales to public investors in the other marke

    Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong welcomes the release of the "Hong Kong Mutual Recognition of Funds Management Rules (Revised Draft for Solicitation of Comments)," which promotes the implementation of optimized mutual recognition arrangements for funds. The proposed measures for revision in the draft for solicitation of comments include relaxing the proportion limit for Hong Kong mutual recognition funds sold in the Mainland and allowing Hong Kong mutual recognition funds to transfer investment management functions to overseas asset management institutions under the same group as the manager. Currently, the proportion of mutual recognition funds sold in the other market cannot exceed 50% of the total assets of the fund. After optimization, this proportion limit will be relaxed to 80%. The SFC of Hong Kong will work closely to promote the formulation and implementation of relevant measures and will announce the implementation details and formal launch date of the optimized mutual recognition arrangements in due course. Cross-border mutual recognition of funds is a mature institutional arrangement in the field of international asset management market opening. As early as July 1, 2015, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission launched mutual recognition of funds, allowing Mainland and Hong Kong funds that meet certain conditions to be recognized or licensed for sale to the public in the other market in accordance with statutory procedures.
  • Hong Kong Cyberport launches Web3 proof-of-concept testing funding program and approves 45 projects

    Hong Kong Cyberport has launched the Web3 Concept Verification Test Fund (Web3 PoC Program) to promote the development of the Web3.0 industry and the application of related technologies in multiple fields. The program encourages Web3.0 technology companies to collaborate with mature industries to develop high-value and innovative Web3.0 solutions by providing funding for innovative Web3.0 technology projects at the development stage, accelerating the development of the Web3.0 technology community, and promoting the commercial adoption of Web3.0 in Hong Kong. It is reported that the program received a total of 122 project applications and approved 45 projects, with each project eligible for up to 150,000 yuan in funding, covering fields such as tokenized asset management and carbon credit certification.
  • Cointime June 2 News Express

    1.U.S. Senator: Purchased 3 Bitcoin mining machines and started mining in Texas2.Kaiko: Korean AI token weekly trading share rose to 18.7% in May3.The total market value of stablecoins is 160.583 billion US dollars, and USDT accounts for 69.59% of the market 4.Coinbase has a net outflow of 40,406 BTC in the past two months, worth $2.7 billion5.A whale has transferred 149.9 billion PEPE from Binance again, worth $2.3 million6.Bitcoin miners’ revenue fell sharply in May to $963 million, a 46% drop 7.The number of Bitcoin transactions on the chain reached 18.19 million in May, a record high8.The total open interest of BTC options on the entire network is $18.87 billion 9.Amber Group’s associated address deposited 2.96 million FRONT to Binance, worth $4.26 million10.US spot Bitcoin ETFs increased their holdings by 29,592 BTC in May
  • Cointime May 25 News Express

    1. British media: 61,000 Bitcoins in Qian Zhimin case may belong to British police and Home Office
  • Cointime's Evening Highlights for May 19th

    1.US spot Bitcoin ETFs saw net inflows of $948.3 million this week
  • Franklin Templeton CEO says all ETFs and mutual funds will be on blockchain

    She also warned that generative artificial intelligence was like the “kid that got an ‘F’ in math.”
  • Cointime May 3rd News Express

    1. The 133rd Ethereum ACDC meeting: The goal is to complete the devnet within 7-10 days
  • Cointime April 23th News Express

    1. EigenLayer: Deposit limits for all LST tokens will be removed on April 16
  • Cointime April 5th News Express

    1.Mystiko.Network Community Sale Completed, Total $11.25 Million in XZK Sold2.Solana Co-founder Responds to the Sharp Increase in Transaction Failure Rates: Patch Coming Soon3.Ethena USDe market value exceeds 2 billion US dollars, setting a new record4.Du Jun, Executive Director and CEO of Xinhuo & Founder of ABCDE: Xinhuo Technology and ABCDE will invest 100 million US dollars to support blockchain companies that promote social development 5.QCP Capital: Bitcoin is expected to return to $70,000 this week, while Ethereum continues to be weak6.bitSmiley Labs officially launches its independent ecosystem plan, bitUniverse, and reveals its OG pass bitDisc-Black Upgraded Priviledges 7.Avalanche Foundation launches ice-breaking plan, focusing on LST track in the first phase and funding 500,000 AVAX 8.SuperRare Expands into Bitcoin Ordinals with Killer Acid's Psychedelic Art Collection 9.A dormant whale address for 8 months deposited 1,100 BTC into Binance10.Meme exchange completes multi-million dollar strategic investment, with participation from ABO Digital and others
  • SEC pushes back decision on Grayscale Ether futures ETF

    The United States securities regulator has postponed its decision on whether to approve Grayscale’s Ethereum Futures Trust ETF product until the end of May.