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Web3 Gaming Marketplace Liquidifty Has a Strategic Partnership with Cheelee

Cointime Official

Cheelee is a GameFi short video platform where you can Watch, Play, and Earn! Thanks to this collaboration, all users are able to earn money just by viewing and creating content, regardless of the number of subscribers.

Their main mission is to give everyone an opportunity to get rewarded on social networks.

How is the project organized?

Cheelee works within the “Attention Economy” framework. Other social media consider a user as an information and advertising influence target. But a Cheelee user is a full system member, partner, and beneficiary! Great, isn’t it?

That is why, through the GameFi mechanics, Cheelee’s audience earns together with the platform by converting their own attention to money.

What are the advantages of the project?

1. You can start with no investment

Because upon registration of the in-app Web3 wallet, a user gets a case with the starting NFT glasses;

2. Cheelee integrates into the existing user flow

There is no need to form new habits — just scroll through the feed as usually

3. The Cheelee analogues will not appear in the near future

The technologies behind Cheelee took more than three years of hard work from a team of 100+ experienced developers;

4. Developed mechanics to support the token rate

We donate 70% of the ad revenue and in-app purchases, 100% of the profits from the sale of NFTs and in-app transactions to the Stability Fund;

5. The project is protected from farms and bots

Thanks to the deep behavioral metrics, we can block them, protecting the system from fraud and liquidity drain;

6. Limited emission of in-game utility token LEE

In addition, with the growing difficulty of its mining it drives the price up and attracts the holders.


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