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Cointime's Evening Highlights for May 24th


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  • Cointime June 22th News Express

    1. 21 million LINK flowed out of the Chainlink non-circulating supply contract 3 hours ago, equivalent to approximately US$295 million
  • Trump campaign returns excess donations to Gemini

    Donald Trump's campaign team has returned donations exceeding the legal limit to the United States cryptocurrency exchange Gemini's co-founders Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss. Earlier, Gemini co-founders Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss tweeted that they had each donated 1 million US dollars worth of Bitcoin (15.47 BTC) to the Trump campaign, exceeding the maximum limit of $844,600 per person that the Trump committee can legally accept.
  • Glassnode: Bitcoin miners have not "completely sold off" and may be in the break-even period

    Glassnode Chief Analyst James Check said that Bitcoin miners may be struggling, but they may not have fully entered a bear market level. They mine 10 bitcoins and then sell 10 bitcoins. Miners must adapt and adjust fees to become their main source of income, forcing the industry to further innovate and apply effective capital management.
  • He Yi: Projects with high valuations cannot only be judged by market value, the era of haircuts may be coming to an end

    Binance co-founder He Yi wrote on Binance Square: "2017 was the era of ICOs, where you could make money as long as you got a share. In 2021, with the rise of DeFi, as long as you move fast, you can make money by participating in yield farming. Buying new instead of old is also a typical feature of this period. However, now IEOs are generally considered to have legal risks in most countries, so they can only be airdropped and priced by the market. This means that if there is a large circulation, the opening price of the project will be relatively stable, such as BB and LISTA, but compared to 2021, the rise is still too fast, lacking sufficient washing-out process.
  • Analysis: MicroStrategy’s BTC purchases offset German government selling pressure

    Some analysts believe that the German government's massive sale of Bitcoin is the reason for the sluggish cryptocurrency market. In addition, traders are concerned that the stock market may have peaked and that the US fiscal situation is weakening. According to previous monitoring by the on-chain crypto analysis company Arkham, a wallet related to the German government transferred 6,500 BTC to exchanges on June 19th, worth $425 million at the time. The wallet holds nearly 50,000 BTC, reportedly seized from the pirated movie website Movie2k that has been operating since 2013. Data shows that these BTC were sent to Kraken, Bitstamp, and Coinbase. However, MicroStrategy disclosed that it has purchased an additional 11,931 BTC for $786 million, which offsets the selling pressure.
  • Vitalik: Crypto culture "idealistic hippies" still exist

    Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, responded to criticism of the new institutional focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. Vitalik stated that the "idealistic hippies" of the crypto culture still exist, and that significant progress has been made in this area, citing Lens and Farcaster as examples.
  • Cointime June 8th News Express

    1. Base TVL exceeds US$8 billion, setting a new record high
  • Arbitrum Community Votes to Pass the “200 Million ARB Game Catalyst Plan” Proposal

    The Tally page shows that the Arbitrum community has voted in favor of the "200 million ARB Game Catalyst Plan" proposal, which is currently in a pending state. The proposal aims to provide a three-year incentive plan for the Arbitrum ecosystem games, with a total of 200 million ARB tokens, with the goal of providing momentum for the Arbitrum gaming ecosystem through Web3 industry studios and games.
  • USDC circulation increased by $200 million in the past week, with a total circulation of $32.5 billion

    According to official data reported , as of June 6th, Circle issued a total of 2.3 billion USDC and redeemed 2.1 billion USDC in the past 7 days, with a circulation increase of 200 million USDC. The total circulation of USDC is 32.5 billion US dollars, the reserve is 32.6 billion US dollars, of which about 3.6 billion US dollars are in cash, and the Circle Reserve Fund holds about 29 billion US dollars.
  • Cointime June 2 News Express

    1.U.S. Senator: Purchased 3 Bitcoin mining machines and started mining in Texas2.Kaiko: Korean AI token weekly trading share rose to 18.7% in May3.The total market value of stablecoins is 160.583 billion US dollars, and USDT accounts for 69.59% of the market 4.Coinbase has a net outflow of 40,406 BTC in the past two months, worth $2.7 billion5.A whale has transferred 149.9 billion PEPE from Binance again, worth $2.3 million6.Bitcoin miners’ revenue fell sharply in May to $963 million, a 46% drop 7.The number of Bitcoin transactions on the chain reached 18.19 million in May, a record high8.The total open interest of BTC options on the entire network is $18.87 billion 9.Amber Group’s associated address deposited 2.96 million FRONT to Binance, worth $4.26 million10.US spot Bitcoin ETFs increased their holdings by 29,592 BTC in May