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Fantom (FTM) Up 10% After Cronje Article – Is $0.31 Possible?

The 69th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Fantom (FTM), has shown relative strength over the past seven days, rising 29%. Over the past 24 hours, it even stands at a gain of 10%.

Today’s surge comes after DeFi star programmer Andre Cronje published a Medium post about the “crypto company” Fantom, detailing its financial history.

In the article, Cronje describes that Fantom started with $40 million, mostly in ETH with an average price of $450 to $700. Due to the crypto winter at the time, Fantom shad to sell its ETH for less than $5 million.

After that, Fantom decided to go on a tough austerity drive, with a complete marketing freeze and only the most necessary staff. Among other things, listing fees for exchanges and sponsorship fees for influencers were never to be paid again.

(by Jake Simmons)


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