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Coinbase Co-founder Explains How Crypto Can ‘Get to 1 Billion Users?’

On Tuesday (24 January 2023), Fred Ehrsam, Co-Founder of Coinbase and crypto-focused investment firm Paradigm, talked about one potential approach to achieving mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

“How does crypto get to 1 billion users? One simple theory: Games with crypto-based money or items get popular. A few grow to tens or hundreds of millions of users. Getting a wallet is just part of the game.

“For sense of scale, the largest games like Fortnite and have 200-400 million users. This would take years, but is plausible and orthogonal to the pure financial use case.

“Meanwhile, crypto as a new money and financial system will just keep chugging along, improve features and functionality, and accumulate users.“


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