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3AC Founders Kyle Davies and Su Zhu Tagged in Tweet Delivering Court Subpoena

There’s been an interesting contrast between how chatty Three Arrows Capital co-founders Kyle Davies and Su Zhu’s have been on Twitter and how difficult they’ve otherwise been to reach, according to company liquidators.

So it was hardly surprising that after getting permission from the judge overseeing the company’s bankruptcy proceedings, Teneo Restructuring tagged @zhusu and @kyleldavies in a tweet with a copy of a subpoena on Twitter.

@zhusu and @KyleLDavies jpg copies of orders made by the Supreme Court of Singapore against Mr Zhu, Mr Davies and Three Arrows Capital Pte. Ltd. are attached to this tweet by way of service. An unredacted copy of the order was served via email and can be provided upon request.

— 3ACLiquidation (@3ACLiq) January 5, 2023

The Singapore-based crypto hedge fund, which also goes by 3AC, was ordered to liquidate in June, following weeks of speculation that the company had endured severe losses following the collapse of the TerraUSD algorithmic stablecoin in May. 

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