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Renora: Can Automated Tools Cure Web3 Capital Management's Persistent Problems

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Web3 asset management has long faced a number of pain points and challenges.

First, highly volatile markets make asset price movements unpredictable.

The highly volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market means that it is difficult for investors to accurately predict market trends, which creates a level of uncertainty in asset management. Rapid price fluctuations can lead to large swings in portfolio values, which increases risk and instability.

Second, the ebb and flow of emotions also negatively affects decision-making.

Investors may be driven by emotions such as fear and greed and make irrational choices when making investment decisions. When the market goes up or down significantly, investors often feel panic or overconfidence, which leads to instability in buying and selling decisions. Emotions may intervene and cause investors to make bad decisions, miss good investment opportunities or get into losing trades.

In addition, order execution and profit and loss tracking are often manual and time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Investors may need to manually enter and track orders, record and calculate profit and loss for each trade, which is not only error-prone, but also takes up a lot of time and resources. The risks of manual operation are input errors, missed trade timing or failure to capture market changes in a timely manner.

An end-to-end automated investment strategy can provide a solution to these pain points. With smart contracts and automation tools, investors can program investment strategies into code to enable automated trading, intelligent diversification and profit and loss tracking, among other features. Automated tools can execute buy and sell trades based on pre-defined rules, automatically balance portfolios, and track profit and loss in real time. In this way, investors can reduce uncertainty, free themselves from emotions, and improve operational efficiency and accuracy.

Renora: Web3 investment strategy automation tool

Renora is a Web3 investment strategy automation tool designed to automate asset flows through investment strategies, enabling assets to generate benefits 24/7.

Renora makes Web3 asset management easier and more systematic by automating investment strategies from end-to-end. It provides systematic execution of Web3 investments, helping investors improve their ROI through systematic execution by:

1. Using a systematic trough-buying algorithm, Renora can help users achieve up to 6.5% or better average prices on their capital allocation.

2、Get 2% - 5.5% monthly return on market volatility.

3. Increase the return on investment by linking investment mandates to generate continuous returns.

Renora can also help investors systematically manage their Web3 portfolios by allowing them to track their assets, specifically by:

1. Fully track positions and asset performance across multiple exchanges.

2. Automatically synchronize orders and calculate profit and loss.

3. Provide a clear overview of positions and exposures.

With Renora, investors can use investment strategy automation to optimize asset management, achieve higher ROI, and gain better control of their portfolios. The automation tools and capabilities offered by this platform bring greater efficiency, accuracy and convenience to investors. Renora provides a simple and systematic solution for Web3 asset management, both in terms of asset flow automation and portfolio management.

The Team

The Renora team is comprised of members with a wide range of expertise and experience from different fields. Their diverse backgrounds give the team the ability to think creatively and holistically.

Stan Kosyakov, Renora's CEO, has extensive venture capital experience spanning a wide range of industries in the Asia Pacific region. His most recent company, Mantheos, challenged LinkedIn's business model and was the subject of a legal dispute that was eventually settled out of court. Stan also has extensive experience building scalable SaaS products and working with organizations such as Harvard University, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Bain.

Renora's co-founder and CTO, Sayan Bose, graduated from IIT Bombay, one of India's top universities, with a specialization in aerospace engineering. He has over 6 years of experience in the fields of FinTech, Cyber Security and Aerospace and has published several research papers in reputed scientific journals such as Elsevier and ASME.

Stan's venture capital background provided the foundation for the strategic planning and development of the project, while Sayan's technical expertise helped build a reliable and innovative protocol for automating Web3's investment strategy.

The Renora team's combined strengths enable them to quickly respond to market needs and address the pain points investors encounter in Web3 asset management. Through its expertise and solid background, Renora is committed to providing investors with simple, systematic and efficient Web3 asset management solutions that help them achieve better ROI and effectively manage their portfolios.


Web3 asset management today continues to face the problems of highly volatile markets, emotion-driven decisions and manual hassles. With end-to-end automated investment strategies, these problems are expected to be solved, providing investors with a more stable, rational and efficient asset management experience.

The introduction of automated tools will also go some way towards reducing operational risk, improving the accuracy of decisions, and enhancing investor transparency and traceability to the markets.

As technology continues to advance, we can look forward to the widespread adoption and further optimization of automated tools in the Web3 asset management space.


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