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Web3 entertainment company AnotherBall completes US$12.7 million in seed round financing, led by Hashed and ANRI

On November 28th, Web3 entertainment company AnotherBall announced the completion of a $12.7 million seed round financing, led by ANRI and Hashed, with participation from Global Brain, Globis Capital Partners, Sfermion, HashKey Capital, Everyrealm, Ethereal Ventures, Emoote, and Crunchyroll founder Kun Gao.
It is reported that AnotherBall has been actively involved in technology projects such as "Ailis" and "SAI by IZUMO". AnotherBall is currently developing a platform that allows creators from around the world to connect with fans and earn money through their content. The beta version of the platform is planned to be released in the first quarter (January to March) of 2024, with a full public release expected later this year. AnotherBall is a venture capital company established in May 2022, with a focus on the Web3 virtual UP main project IZUMO, aimed at creating a place for broadcasters, illustrators, music and video producers who love anime, comics and game culture to continuously create income based on their hobbies.
As previously reported by BlockBeats, on May 17th, AnotherBall completed a $2.2 million angel round financing, with participation from Hiroaki Kitano, Chief Technology Officer of Sony Group, Jaynti Kanani, founder of Polygon, Suji Yan, Chief Technology Officer of Mask Network, Kevin Lin, co-founder of Twitch, and Rehito Hatoyama, advisor to Azuki development company Chiru Labs.


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  • Web3 tax firm Haven Intelligence Systems launches Pre-Seed round at $5 million valuation

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