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Two giant whales jointly deposited 2.77 million ARB to Binance 8 hours ago

Spot On Chain monitoring shows that two whales, 0x141 and 0xc99, jointly deposited 2.77 million ARB tokens (equivalent to $5.94 million) into Binance about 8 hours ago, reportedly realizing a profit of $3.29 million.


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  • Twitter's new feature shows Irene Zhao involved in multiple scam projects

    On July 24th, Jupiter will collaborate with Irene Zhao to launch the meme coin metadata platform ASIANMOM. The tweet promoting it has now been updated with background information by readers, revealing that Irene Zhao has been involved in multiple project scams and caution should be taken when dealing with her.
  • Binance Options to Launch BTCUSDT and ETHUSDT Options Expires on November 8

    Binance options will be launched in advance for BTCUSDT and ETHUSDT options on July 24, 2024 at 16:00, with a maturity date of November 8, 2024, for European-style option contracts.
  • After the SEC approved 9 spot Ethereum ETF applications, a whale deposited $30.4 million of Ethereum into Binance

    Lookonchain monitoring shows that after the SEC approved 9 Ethereum ETF applications for spot trading, a whale deposited 8,762 ETH (worth 30.4 million USD) into Binance. The whale withdrew 8,762 USD worth of ETH from Binance at a price of 3,876 USD between May 27 and May 29. If sold, the whale would lose 3.6 million USD.
  • Telegram user count exceeds 950 million

    As people's interest in games on the Telegram platform increases, the global number of Telegram users is also increasing rapidly. Pavel Durov, the founder and CEO of Telegram, announced on Monday that the monthly active users of the messaging platform had reached 950 million. He wrote: "This spring, the number was 900 million. Now we're on track to reach 1 billion!"
  • eBay’s NFT Marketplace KnownOrigin Announces Suspension of Operations

    According to reports from foreign media, NFT marketplace KnownOrigin, which was acquired by eBay in June 2022, has announced that it will be closing its on-chain marketplace and minting functions. In February of this year, eBay laid off 30% of KnownOrigin's employees, causing concerns about the platform's future. The recent announcement confirms these concerns, with the company stating that it has decided to cease operations due to changes in the NFT market. KnownOrigin states that "all KnownOrigin NFTs are minted on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that ownership is provable and these tokens can be publicly traded on secondary markets such as OpenSea and MagicEden."
  • Dill Completes Seed and Founder Rounds, Led by STEPN Developer FSL

    Dill, a sharded data availability network, announced the completion of its seed and founder rounds of financing. The round was led by Find Satoshi Ventures, the investment department of FSL, with participation from angel investors from Modular Capital and LayerZero, TN, co-founder of Pendle, Victor, co-founder of Manta, Santiago R Santos, Saku, co-founder of Matr1x, and several other well-known investors. Dill's public test network, Andes, is now live.
  • SEC enforcement director calls for tighter cryptocurrency regulation

    Gurbir S. Grewal, Director of Enforcement at the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), discussed cryptocurrency regulation at a seminar held by the William & Mary School of Business in early this month. He emphasized the necessity of enforcing federal securities laws in the constantly evolving cryptocurrency market. Grewal pointed out that the fundamental definition of securities in the 1946 Supreme Court ruling of SEC v. Howey still applies to new investment schemes, including crypto assets.
  • WeBank to set up technology company headquarters in Hong Kong, plans to invest up to US$150 million

    The Hong Kong SAR government welcomed the establishment of the technology company headquarters of Shenzhen Qianhai Weizhong Bank Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong on July 10th, and plans to invest up to $150 million and create high-skilled technology jobs in Hong Kong. In June of this year, the Shenzhen Regulatory Bureau of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission announced that it had agreed in principle to the establishment of Weizhong Technology Co., Ltd. by Shenzhen Qianhai Weizhong Bank in Hong Kong, with an investment of $150 million and 100% ownership of Weizhong Technology Co., Ltd. Weizhong Bank also became the first private bank to be approved to establish a technology subsidiary.
  • Arbitrum Community Votes to Pass the “200 Million ARB Game Catalyst Plan” Proposal

    The Tally page shows that the Arbitrum community has voted in favor of the "200 million ARB Game Catalyst Plan" proposal, which is currently in a pending state. The proposal aims to provide a three-year incentive plan for the Arbitrum ecosystem games, with a total of 200 million ARB tokens, with the goal of providing momentum for the Arbitrum gaming ecosystem through Web3 industry studios and games.
  • Cointime's Evening Highlights for May 24th

    1. CryptoPunks Launches “Super Punk World” Digital Avatar Series