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SupraOracles integrates with full-stack Layer-1 smart contract platform Radix

Golden Finance reported that SupraOracles has announced its integration with the full-stack Layer-1 smart contract platform Radix. This combination will allow Web3 developers to quickly build decentralized applications using Radix's Scrypto programming language, along with Supra's data on more than 100 encrypted transaction pairs and the verifiable decentralized randomness function (VRF) through Supra. This integration will accelerate the growth of the Supra and Radix ecosystems.


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  • Nomura Securities Subsidiary Laser Digital Plans to Issue Japanese Stablecoin

    Nomura Securities announced its cooperation with its digital asset subsidiary, Laser Digital, and the parent company of stablecoin issuer GMO-Z, GMO Internet. The two parties plan to jointly explore the issuance of US dollar and Japanese yen stablecoins in Japan, and provide stablecoin-as-a-service solutions in the Japanese market. It is reported that GMO-Z has a New York State (NYDFS) trust license, and its stablecoins GYEN and ZUSD can be used on Ethereum, Solana, and Stellar blockchains.
  • Lista Token Economics Disclosure: Total Supply 1 Billion, 10% Airdrop, 40% Community

    On May 24th, Binance Research Institute released a research report on Lista (LISTA), revealing the token economics of LISTA. As of May 23rd, 2024, the total supply of LISTA is 1 billion, and the circulating supply after listing is approximately 230 million (about 23.0% of the total token supply), with Binance Megadrop quota being 100 million (about 10.0% of the total token supply). As for other types of allocation, airdrops account for 10.00% of the total token supply, investors and advisors account for 19.00% of the total token supply, the team accounts for 3.50% of the total token supply, the community accounts for 40.00% of the total token supply, the DAO Treasury accounts for 8.00% of the total token supply, and the ecology accounts for 9.50% of the total token supply.
  • FTX Group pays over $25 million to seven whistleblowers to settle lawsuit

    According to a review report released on Thursday, the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX paid over $25 million to seven unnamed whistleblowers who discovered problems with the company. One of the whistleblowers was described as a former executive of FTX.US who believed that the FTX Group "misled regulators and investors, lacked proper corporate structure," and made recommendations to SBF and other executives before resigning in September 2022 and agreeing to a settlement worth over $16 million.
  • BlackRock, Grayscale, and Bitwise Remove Staking Provisions from Proposed Ether ETFs

    BlackRock, Grayscale, and Bitwise have removed staking provisions from their proposed spot ether ETFs in amended 19b-4 forms filed with the SEC. This move is believed to have been made to avoid regulatory obstacles, as staking is considered a form of passive income in the crypto world. All ether ETF hopefuls have now filed their amended proposals ahead of an approval or disapproval decision expected on Thursday. Bloomberg analysts have updated their odds of approval to 75%, causing a market-wide jump in ether and bitcoin prices.
  • Nvidia's second-quarter revenue outlook exceeds expectations

    Nvidia's first-quarter revenue was $26 billion, with analysts expecting $24.69 billion. Data center revenue in the first quarter was $22.6 billion, with analysts expecting $21.13 billion. The expected revenue for the second quarter is around $28 billion, with analysts expecting $26.8 billion. The quarterly cash dividend has been raised from $0.04 per share to $0.10 per share. It has been announced that there will be a 1-for-10 stock split, which will take effect on June 7, 2024.
  • Yuga Labs co-founder: The company will no longer touch Cryptopunks, it will be completely decentralized

    On May 21st, Garga.eth, co-founder of Yuga Labs, announced on X platform that Yuga Labs will no longer be involved with Cryptopunks. Cryptopunks will be fully decentralized and stored on the blockchain. When the company acquired Cryptopunks and other collectibles a few years ago, the intention was to preserve them as heritage. Yuga Labs only intends to support some museums and institutions in obtaining Cryptopunks. In addition, the current plan is to randomly airdrop Nina's latest NFT collection to Super Cool World holders.
  • Former Florida Congressman Joins Coinbase Advisory Board

    Kendrick Meek, who previously served as a representative of the Florida House of Representatives, has joined the board of directors of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase to address digital asset regulation issues. In addition, Stephanie Murphy, Tim Ryan, and Pat Toomey, all former U.S. senators, are committee members providing advice on Coinbase's regulatory affairs.
  • New York Attorney General Reaches $2 Billion Settlement with Genesis

    Letitia James, the New York Attorney General, announced a $2 billion settlement agreement with bankrupt cryptocurrency lending platform Genesis, which will help maximize compensation for investors. As Genesis had previously declared bankruptcy, the settlement agreement requires review and approval by a bankruptcy court. The settlement agreement will establish a victim fund to assist defrauded investors, including at least 29,000 New Yorkers who contributed over $1.1 billion to Genesis through Gemini Earn investments. Additionally, the settlement agreement prohibits Genesis from operating in New York. This is the largest settlement agreement in New York history against a cryptocurrency company.
  • OKX Ventures invests in Web3 ‘play ARPG to train AI’ game Blade of God X

    The game is currently available in early access on the Epic Games Store.
  • Barcelona-based Web3 Video Games Startup GFAL Raises $3.2M in Seed Funding to Expand Team and Accelerate Production Plans

    Barcelona-based startup GFAL has secured $3.2 million in seed funding from investors including Supercell Ltd and Mitch Lasky. The company plans to use the funds to expand its team and accelerate its game production plans, which leverage AI and Web3 technology for immersive gameplay. GFAL's Elemental Raiders mobile game soft-launched in March 2023, with plans to build on this for a 2024 launch. CEO Manel Sort expressed gratitude for the investment and excitement to work with former colleagues from Digital Chocolate.