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Suspected early investors transferred $1.91 million worth of ONDO to Bybit

According to The Data Nerd's monitoring, multiple addresses transferred a value of $1.91 million ONDO to Bybit within 24 hours.These wallets received ONDO from a multi-signature wallet 2 days ago, possibly from early investors.

In the past 24 hours, the total amount of liquidation in the entire network was 60.86 million US dollars, and the amount of liquidation in BTC was 12.87 million US dollars

According to coinglass data, the total amount of liquidation in the past 24 hours was 60.86 million US dollars, with long liquidation amounting to 23.16 million US dollars and short liquidation amounting to 37.70 million US dollars. Among them, the amount of BTC liquidation was 12.87 million US dollars, the amount of ETH liquidation was 6.16 million US dollars, and the amount of SOL liquidation was 7.99 million US dollars.

More than 12,000 BTC flowed out of Binance in the past 7 days

According to the latest data from Coinglass, 12,102.56 Bitcoins were withdrawn from Binance exchange wallets in the past week. As of now, the Bitcoin wallet balance on Binance is 606,502.04 BTC.In the past 7 days, 496.66 Bitcoins flowed into Coinbase Pro wallet, with a current wallet balance of 857,301.79 BTC.

USDC Treasury mints 250 million new USDC on Solana network

According to Whale Alert monitoring, about 3 hours ago, USDC Treasury added 250 million USDC newly minted on the Solana network.

Putin: Russia must "seize the moment" to create conditions for the circulation of digital assets

According to, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that now is the time for Russia to create the necessary environment for increasing digital assets and adopting the Russian CBDC (digital ruble). Over 30,000 transactions have already been conducted in the pilot testing phase of the digital ruble, with over 7,000 transactions constituting payments for goods and services.According to the Russian official news agency TASS, Putin said, "As they say, Russia must 'seize the moment,' timely establish a legal framework and regulations, develop infrastructure, and create conditions for the circulation of digital assets domestically and in cooperation with foreign partners."

Tesla plans to recruit nearly 800 new employees, including artificial intelligence experts, service positions, etc.

Tesla plans to hire nearly 800 new employees. Three months ago, CEO Elon Musk ordered the largest layoff in the company's history, involving thousands of people. According to Bloomberg's analysis, these positions have been continuously appearing on Tesla's recruitment page in recent weeks, ranging from artificial intelligence experts to more ordinary service positions. Tesla's market value has increased by $223 billion in the past 14 trading days. Except for the day when the news was announced that Tesla decided to postpone the release of the prototype of the robot taxi, Tesla's stock price has risen every trading day. Musk confirmed on Monday that he has requested modifications to the design, and the R&D team has been given additional time.

Super Micro Computer to Replace Walgreens in Nasdaq 100, Alphabet in Talks to Acquire Cybersecurity Firm Wiz

Super Micro Computer is set to replace Walgreens Boots Alliance in the Nasdaq 100 index from July 22. The markets experienced a recovery on Friday, with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite closing higher, while the Russell 2000 continued its rally with a weekly gain of 6.5%. Earnings season has begun, with Citigroup, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, and Goldman Sachs reporting their second-quarter earnings. The estimated growth rate for the season has been revised up to 9.3%, but there are other estimates that place it in a range of 12-16%, indicating high expectations for this quarter. Alphabet is reportedly in advanced talks to acquire cloud cybersecurity firm Wiz for $23 billion, while Burberry Group's shares have fallen by almost 17% after the luxury brand issued a profit warning and suspended its dividend, with plans to replace its CEO. Blackrock's shares remain unchanged in premarket trading despite missing revenue estimates but beating earnings, while Goldman Sachs' stock rose by just under 1% premarket after beating both revenue and earnings estimates. The market is also keeping an eye on the continued rotation into small cap stocks and the recent rally in bitcoin.

Degen distributes LP fees from the past 6 months, and 50% is reinvested into the LP pool

In the latest news from DeepFlow TechFlow, the Base ecosystem Meme project Degen announced that it has allocated the Uniswap v3 LP fees for the past 6 months. 8% of the fees will be donated to Gentlemen Labs for Degen development, 50% will be reinvested into the LP pool, and the remaining portion will belong to the Degen Foundation. Degen stated that the LP will be locked until January 15th of next year to ensure liquidity safety.

BNB Chain has completed the second Sunset fork

According to official information from BNB Chain, it has completed its second Sunset fork. The second Sunset fork will migrate the BNB beacon chain staking function to the BNB smart chain, and all assets need to be migrated from the beacon chain to the BNB smart chain. BNB Chain reminds users:1. Staked BNB: If BNB is staked, it needs to be migrated. If it is not migrated before July 14th, the staking will be automatically cancelled and returned to the user's account within 2 weeks.2. BNB and other BEP2 assets: These assets also need to be migrated from the beacon chain to the BNB smart chain. If the assets are not migrated, they will not be transferable after August 15th. If the asset migration is not completed yet, it needs to be done before July 14th.

FBI releases name of Trump shooter as Thomas Matthew Crooks

According to Jinshi data, the FBI confirmed that the gunman at the Trump rally was a 20-year-old Pennsylvania man named Thomas Matthew Crooks.