XRP Attorney John Deaton Honored with Defender of Freedom Award for Upholding Crypto Community's Freedom

John Deaton, the attorney representing 75,000 XRP token holders in the Ripple vs SEC case, has been awarded the Defender of Freedom Award by the International Congress of Blockchain Legal Advisors. The award recognizes individuals and entities that have made significant contributions to upholding freedom in the crypto community.

Deaton's visionary strategy enabled digital asset owners to intercede against SEC enforcement actions, protecting them from overreaching tactics. Ripple executives, including CEO Brad Garlinghouse, recently visited Washington D.C. to discuss proposed crypto bills with US Congress members, marking a shift in the company's regulatory stance.

Binance Will Remove Some Leveraged Trading Pairs Such As BEL/BUSD on October 6

According to an official announcement, Binance Leveraged Tokens will remove full leverage and isolated leverage trading pairs for BEL/BUSD, BOND/BUSD, BURGER/BUSD, C98/BUSD, CTXC/BUSD, ENS/BUSD, FLUX/BUSD, ICX/BUSD, IOTX/BUSD, KAVA/BUSD, KDA/BUSD, LAZIO/BUSD, MINA/BUSD, NEO/BUSD, OCEAN/BUSD, ONT/BUSD, POND/BUSD, QNT/BUSD, REEF/BUSD, SANTOS/BUSD, SFP/BUSD, SUPER/BUSD, STG/BUSD, TLM/BUSD, and VIB/BUSD on October 6 at 14:00 (UTC+8).

SEC Again Delays Decision on Spot Bitcoin ETFs Including BlackRock, Valkyrie and Bitwise

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stated on Thursday that it is launching additional procedures to determine whether the proposed spot Bitcoin ETFs by BlackRock, ProShares, Valkyrie, and Bitwise should be approved or denied, delaying the ongoing review process.

Valkyrie Ethereum Futures ETF Receives U.S. SEC Approval

The US SEC has approved Valkyrie to convert its existing Bitcoin futures ETF to a Bitcoin and Ethereum futures ETF. The new fund will be renamed "Valkyrie Bitcoin and Ethereum Strategy ETF" and will take effect on October 3, with the code still being BTF.

A spokesperson said that the Valkyrie Bitcoin Strategy ETF has started to increase its exposure to Ether futures contracts, making it the first ETF in the United States to offer exposure to both Ether and Bitcoin futures contracts simultaneously.

In addition, the spokesperson also said that the Valkyrie Ethereum Futures ETF was approved first because it supplemented the prospectus and updated the risk disclosure related to Ethereum futures.

France, Singapore and Switzerland Complete Wholesale Central Bank Digital Currency Tests

According to market news, France, Singapore, and Switzerland have completed the "wholesale" central bank digital currency test. 

Personnel related to GameFi project Tiny World are suspected of being investigated by the police

September 28th, Wu Shuo learned from multiple investors that personnel related to the GameFi project Tiny World were suspected to be under investigation by the police. Tiny World is the original EOS Three Kingdoms team. In 2022, Tiny World completed a $2.5 million financing round, with participation from HashKey, SNZ, Sky9 Capital, Everest Ventures Group (EVG), TokenPocket, Cipholio, Foresight Ventures, COCOS-BCX, and others. Analysts pointed out that currently, chain games in China are highly susceptible to being linked to crimes such as running a gambling establishment. (Wu Shuo Blockchain)

Shiba Inu Developers Have Given Up Smart Contract Control of ShibaSwap’s Governance Token BONE

Shiba Inu developer Kaal Dhairya posted on social media confirming the abandonment of control over the governance token BONE of ShibaSwap's smart contract, and will continue to build decentralized and permissionless systems for the benefit of the community. This operation means that the smart contract creator has given up control of the token, ensuring that BONE is protected from future manipulation and fully decentralized.

Binance Will Stop Euro Trading Services for Paysafe Users on September 28. Users Are Advised to Convert Their Euro Balances to USDT or Withdraw Funds to Bank Accounts

September 28th, Binance announced that Paysafe Payment Solutions Limited (Paysafe) has unilaterally decided to stop processing Euro deposits for Binance users and advises Paysafe users to take appropriate action in advance. Paysafe users can convert their Euro balance in their Binance account to USDT before 8:00 on October 31, 2023.

At the same time, users can continue to withdraw their Euro balance from their Binance account to their bank account. Binance suspended Euro deposits for Paysafe users on September 25th at 8:00. Starting from 12:00 on September 28th, users will not be able to buy or sell cryptocurrencies with their Euro balance.

Unstoppable Domains Co-founder Brad Kam Will Leave the Company on October 31

On September 28th, it was announced that Brad Kam, co-founder of NFT domain service provider Unstoppable Domains, will be leaving the company on October 31st. However, he will continue to serve as a member of the board of directors. He also stated that he will take a few months off and then plans to start a new business.

Cricket World Cup to Launch Web3 Fan App

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has teamed up with Near Foundation to build a Web3 fan interaction application based on blockchain for the 2023 India Cricket World Cup. The application is expected to cover hundreds of millions of fans in the next six weeks. The application will allow fans to play prediction games and choose game strategies during the match. Fans will earn points based on their choices and the actual results of the match, and will be included in the leaderboard and rewards during the match.