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ViaBTC auctions rare epic sats from Bitcoin’s fourth halving block, with the current highest bid being 3 BTC

On April 24th, ViaBTC announced on their social media platform that they have entrusted the CoinEx platform to auction off the rare Satoshi named "epic sats" from the fourth Bitcoin halving block. The current highest bid is 3 BTC, worth approximately $200,000. Earlier it was reported that ViaBTC mined the fourth Bitcoin halving block (840,000), which included 3,050 transactions, and the block reward (including transaction fees) was 40.751 BTC.

bitSmiley Labs officially launches its independent ecosystem plan, bitUniverse, and reveals its OG pass bitDisc-Black Upgraded Priviledges

At the Bitcoin Day conference, Jayden, co-founder of the BTC ecosystem Defi project bitSmiley Labs, revealed bitUniverse, aiming to create a range of Defi applications centered around its stablecoin, bitUSD.

Prior to this, bitSmiley Labs introduced the bitSmiley and bitCow testnets, with a joint public beta and multiple airdrop rewards starting on April 8th. Jayden also hinted at upcoming projects, including new lending protocols, token launch platforms, secondary pledge products, and AI trading strategies.

Additionally, Jayden announced that the bitSmiley OG Pass bitDisc-Black, which was fairly launched in February, will be upgraded to the bitUniverse OG Pass. Holders of such OG Pass will continue to receive priority rights for future bitUniverse projects, including access to internal testing, whitelists, airdrops, and other benefits within the ecosystem.

bitSmiley Labs aims to enrich the BTC Defi ecosystem; foster diverse Defi gameplay within bitUniverse, and fuel the BTCfi’s big bang with unlimited user imaginations!

Du Jun, Executive Director and CEO of Xinhuo & Founder of ABCDE: Xinhuo Technology and ABCDE will invest 100 million US dollars to support blockchain companies that promote social development

On April 5th, it was announced that the Bitcoin Day summit, co-hosted by ABCDE, SINOHOPE (stock code: 1611.HK), and OKX Wallet, officially opened at the Regal Hotel in Hong Kong. Du Jun, Executive Director and CEO of SINOHOPE and founder of ABCDE, gave the opening speech.

Du Jun shared in his speech that although bitcoin and blockchain technology have been around for 15 years, many people still don't understand what they are. He believes this is because the blockchain industry has yet to produce a product as user-friendly as TikTok in the Web2 world, which is the original intention and reason for the founding of ABCDE. The original intention of ABCDE is to discover and support blockchain enterprises that can reduce the user threshold, promote the industry and the actual development of society, and enable everyone to enjoy fair and efficient finance.

Finally, Du Jun announced on the spot that SINOHOPE and ABCDE will provide 100 million US dollars to support blockchain startups, including 50 million US dollars for strategic projects in cooperation with SINOHOPE and 50 million US dollars for BTC L2 startups. The two wallet addresses will be announced on Du Jun's official Twitter account (@DujunX) on April 25th.

CESS has confirmed its sponsorship and attendance at the Web3 Summit Dubai series of keynote sessions

CESS confirmed sponsorship and attendance at the Web3 Summit Dubai series of conferences hosted by Web3 Summit, BlockNews, LBank Labs, RWA Finance, METASTONE GROUP, Cointime, BIKA Global, L7, and Floxypay Wallet. CESS (Cumulus Encrypted Storage System) is a blockchain-driven decentralized storage and content distribution network (CDN) infrastructure for Web3. Users and creators alike can use the platform for on-chain data sharing, while builders can develop and deploy DApps. By utilizing the decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) model, CESS incentivizes the large-scale deployment of network nodes worldwide. The event will take place at the top-tier Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, with an expected scale of over 3,000 attendees and nearly 100 participating guests. Through various forms such as multiple themed industry summits, guest sharing, roundtable discussions, and private dinners over the course of two days, we will explore the development trends of Web3 and work together to build industry-wide ecological cooperation.

Deputy Dean and Professor of Singapore Management University has confirmed to attend the Web3 Summit Dubai series of theme summits

Feida Zhu, Vice Dean and Professor of Singapore Management University (SMU), confirmed attendance at the Web3 Summit Dubai event series hosted by Web3 Summit, BlockNews, LBank Labs, RWA Finance, METASTONE GROUP, Cointime, BIKA Global, L7, and Floxypay Wallet. SMU is committed to generating cutting-edge research with global impact and cultivating a broad foundation, innovation, and business leaders in the knowledge-based economy. SMU's education is known for its highly interactive, collaborative, and project-based learning methods. Professor Feida Zhu's participation will further promote academic and research exchange at the Web3 Summit Dubai event series.

Dr. Marwan Alzarouni, CEO of the Dubai Blockchain Center (DBCC), has confirmed his attendance at the 「TimeStamp Dubai Investors Night」 event.

TimeStamp Dubai Investors Night, hosted by Cointime, co-organized by the ChainUp, ABCDE, Global Web3 Association and SINOHOPE, will be held on April 16th at the Armani Hotel in the Burj Khalifa, Dubai.  Dr. Marwan Alzarouni will be in attendance to deliver a compelling speech. Dr. Alzarouni is also internationally recognized as an advocate for blockchain technology, a keynote speaker, and a strategic advisor.

Hong Shuning, the author of the first domestic BTC paper, donated to the LNP/BP Association to support the development of the RGB protocol

On March 7th, Hong Shuning, the first author of the BTC paper in China, announced that he has donated 0.05 BTC (about 30,000 RMB) to the LNP/BP Association, the native development team of the RGB protocol, through public donation. He hopes that large-scale applications based on the RGB protocol will be implemented soon. Previously, Hong Shuning had publicly expressed his support for BiHelix, an RGB infrastructure project invested by LK Venture.

SBF family and friends issue plea to judge sentencing FTX co-founder

SBF's family and friends have requested leniency from the judge who will sentence the FTX co-founder next month, claiming that his public image as a "malicious freak" is completely wrong. On Tuesday, several people submitted letters, along with the sentencing recommendations submitted by SBF's lawyers. The lawyers requested a sentence of no more than 6.5 years in prison.

Among those who submitted letters were: SBF's mother (a law professor at Stanford University), SBF's father (a law professor at Stanford University), former New York police officer Carmine Simpson, San Francisco psychiatrist George Lerner, and former FTX employee Ross Rheingans-Yoo.

Schedule of important events this week: ETH Denver 2024 main event begins

The important event schedule for this week (February 26th to March 3rd) is still a macro small week, with only some FOMC voters and major central bank speeches as routine events, and the main cryptocurrency-related event is ETH Denver 2024. The driving force of the event is relatively small.

Currently, the mainstream currency market's spot buyers are very strong, and it is worth noting that derivative data has become active this week, and the market leverage level is gradually increasing. The strong spot bull market has driven market sentiment, and the expectation of accelerating upward is relatively high, but the experience of many bull markets also needs to be noted.

On February 29th, Thursday, the main activity of ETH Denver 2024 will begin; the US January core PCE price index; and the number of initial jobless claims in the US for the week.

On March 1st, Friday, the University of Michigan's consumer confidence index for February in the United States.

BTC is now gradually driving the derivative bull market in the spot bull market, and the IV of the main term options is at the highest level in nearly a year. The current excited market sentiment can easily push up prices, and IV still has the potential to hit new highs. In terms of the cryptocurrency interest rate market, the market has recently become active again, and the leverage level continues to rise. Some high-interest rate orders continue to appear in the interest rate market. If there is a big market in the near future, you can pay attention to changes in interest rates, and there may be good lending opportunities.