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Despite a slight decline in NFT market sales on April 3, Bitcoin NFTs still top the market

According to CryptoSlam data reported by Jinse Finance, as of 12:00 pm Eastern Time on April 3, Bitcoin maintained its position as the top blockchain for NFT sales in the past 24 hours, with a slight decrease of 3.17% in sales totaling approximately $8.25 million. Sales on platforms without any network reached at least $10 million. The sales of the second-ranked platform, Ethereum, decreased more significantly by 13.59%, totaling approximately $8.15 million. The sales of the third-ranked Solana increased by 2.22% compared to the previous trading day, reaching nearly $7.4 million.

The founder of Doodles revealed that he has obtained 2 NFTs including CryptoKitties from Sotheby’s auction

Doodle founder poopie revealed on social media that he recently purchased two NFTs from Sotheby's auction, namely "proof of existence" by digital artist Rhea Myers and cat#63 from the CryptoKitties series. According to relevant transaction screenshots, "proof of existence" was priced at about $12,700, while Cat#63 was priced at about $127,000. According to OpenSea data, the current floor price of CryptoKitties is about 0.0015 ETH.

Node Monkes’ market value surpasses Bored Ape Yacht Club and ranks second

March 24th news, Coingecko data shows that the NFT series Node Monkes has surpassed Bored Ape Yacht Club in market value, and the NFT market value ranking has risen to second place.

The chain game The Beacon will release new tasks in April, and participants can obtain project ecological tokens

On March 24th, The Beacon, a blockchain game, updated its roadmap. The project will release a new Pioneer Mission in April and the Alpha version of the game will be available on all platforms. The Pioneer Mission consists of three different stages. The first stage is open to all players, and at the end of the first stage, users with a whitelist will be able to forge a Pass NFT. Subsequent stages will mainly target players who have a Pass NFT. Each Pass NFT is entitled to a specific share of the project's ecosystem tokens. The specific content and dates of the Pioneer Mission will be announced in early April.

The market value of Runestone fell back to US$300 million, and the cumulative trading volume exceeded 994 BTC

According to Magic Eden data, Runestone floor price is currently at 0.04184 BTC, with a 24-hour drop of 15.3%, and a cumulative trading volume of 994.073 BTC. According to CoinGecko data, Runestone's market value has fallen to around 300 million US dollars, currently ranking fifth in the NFT series, second only to CryptoPunks, NodeMonkes, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Pudgy Penguins.

Stable currency project DYAD has been launched on the KEROSENEN airdrop query website

On March 24th, the stablecoin project DYAD announced on the X platform that it has launched a KEROSENE token airdrop query website. The airdrop targets are HONEYCOMB, Wassies, WenLlama, MiladyMaker, and DYAD NFT holders.

It is reported that DYAD is a stablecoin interest-bearing project, and the KEROSENE token is the collateral for DYAD, which can be obtained by pledging ETH to DYADNFT. The initial total supply is 1 billion tokens.

NFT lending protocol NFTfi launches NFTfi Foundation

NFT lending protocol NFTfi announced the launch of the NFTfi Foundation, dedicated to developing the infrastructure needed for a healthy NFT credit market. The NFTfi Foundation will manage the NFTfi protocol and develop the NFTfi ecosystem until it can operate independently.

Hivemind founder: Hivemind has plans to raise US$50 million in NFT funds

Matt Zhang, founder of Hivemind Capital Partners, said in an interview with Bloomberg that Hivemind has already spent about half of its $1.5 billion flagship fund launched in 2021, and Matt also talked about the company's plan to raise a $50 million NFT fund.

aelf mainnet upgraded to version V1.8.0

According to official sources, aelf mainnet has been upgraded to version V1.8.0. This version allows aelf to create and trade NFT and SFT in fractional form, enabling partial ownership and enhancing asset liquidity. By upgrading to v1.8.0, aelf has expanded the possibilities for creating NFT projects and can create such assets on any designated chain, whether it's a main chain or a side chain. Additionally, the new version introduces batch token trading approval to improve transaction efficiency.

Yesterday, Bitcoin spot ETF had a net inflow of US$505 million, of which IBIT had an inflow of US$563 million.

According to Farside Investors data, on March 12th, the net inflow of Bitcoin spot ETF was 505 million US dollars, of which BlackRock IBIT had an inflow of 563 million US dollars, and Grayscale GBTC had an outflow of 494 million US dollars.