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Consensys Senior Legal Counsel: US SEC may classify ETH according to investor protection law

Bill Hughes, Consensys' Senior Legal Counsel and Global Regulatory Affairs Director, stated in an interview that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is likely to classify ETH under investor protection laws. In October 2023, the SEC allowed Ethereum-based futures ETFs to be traded on securities trading platforms. This means that the assets on which the futures contracts are based are not securities. Some things have happened since then that seem to have caused the SEC to change its position.

Caitlyn Jenner Launches JENNER Token on Solana Blockchain, Legitimacy Questioned

Caitlyn Jenner, an American celebrity, has apparently launched a token called JENNER on the Solana blockchain. However, its legitimacy has been questioned due to past celebrity account compromises. Despite skepticism among market participants, Jenner's account continued to promote the token and released a video that appeared to confirm its authenticity. Market observers are likely to view the token with skepticism, as several American celebrities have previously been charged by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for promoting tokens.

Hong Kong Financial Secretary: The Hong Kong government is promoting the development of virtual assets and is working with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to strengthen its ties with the mainland through

Hong Kong Financial Secretary's Deputy Secretary Huang Weilun stated that in recent years, the Hong Kong government has focused on promoting innovation in the financial industry, including promoting the development of virtual assets and financial technology. Therefore, they are cooperating with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to enhance their connection with the mainland through the mutual market access scheme, achieving a win-win cooperation relationship in investment product scope and opportunities.

Victory Securities Executive Director: I am optimistic about allowing retail investors to buy and sell virtual products through the "Hong Kong Stock Connect" in the future

Victory Securities Executive Director Chen Peiquan said in a recent interview that the current issuers of virtual currency ETFs are mainly Chinese-funded funds. Chen Peiquan believes that this is a "signal" to the outside world. Although he does not speculate on mainland policies, he is optimistic about the future of the mainland relaxing and even allowing retail investors to trade virtual products through "Hong Kong Stock Connect". "There may also be a need for such development in the mainland, and Hong Kong happens to be a testing ground, which is also one of Hong Kong's traditional advantages." In addition, Chen Peiquan believes that Hong Kong needs to quickly launch related derivatives of virtual assets, including futures and options, to hedge against the risks of virtual currencies. This has a critical role in promoting Hong Kong's further development in the virtual market.

DeFiance Capital founder: ETH price may reach $45,000 before ETH ETF launches

Arthur Cheong, the founder and CEO of cryptocurrency investment company DeFiance Capital, stated that the price of Ethereum could rise to the $4,500 mark before the first spot Ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF) is officially approved. Previously, on May 23, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the 19b-4 applications of eight spot Ethereum ETF issuers, allowing them to be listed and traded on their respective exchanges. Bloomberg ETF analyst James Seyffart wrote in an X post on May 20 that while the approval of the 19b-4 document is a positive signal from the US securities regulator, ETF issuers still need to obtain approval for the S-1 document, which could take several months.

Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht thanks Trump for pardon promise

Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht said on X, "Last night, Donald Trump promised to commute my sentence on his first day if he is re-elected. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. After 11 years in prison, it's hard to express how I feel right now. Thanks to your unwavering support, I have the possibility of a second chance."

Matrixport: DeFi's total locked volume surpasses ETH, which is a bullish signal for ETH

DeFi has been underperforming in this bull market, but after a brief consolidation, TVL has increased to $108 billion, reaching its highest level since the Luna/Terra crash in May 2021. As the probability of Ethereum ETF providing staking returns is small, TVL increased by $17 billion last week, with Lido being one of the beneficiaries. All in all, this is a bullish signal for ETH.

Jan3 CEO: Beware of politicians' U-turn in supporting cryptocurrency

Samson Mow, CEO of Jan3, said that he is increasingly skeptical of politicians' support for digital assets. One of Samson Mow's biggest concerns is that many politicians cannot distinguish between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He emphasized that Bitcoin has characteristics of decentralization, permissionlessness, and censorship resistance, which are different from many other digital currency projects that may have different characteristics and risks.

Helius CEO: L1 revival is expected next year

Helius CEO Mert stated that Aptos' new scalability test is impressive and L1 revival is expected next year. Solana will be the leader, followed by Avalanche, Sui, Aptos, Near, Fantom, Monad, and Bera. He pointed out that modular teams and other L1 projects have a lot of funding reserves. Although he hopes to see useful cryptographic applications, he believes that the infrastructure is not yet ready and may need a "cycle".

Rune's total transaction volume last week exceeded US$47.6 million, a month-on-month increase of 92.3%

According to GenliData, the total trading volume of Bitcoin futures exceeded $47.6 million last week, an increase of 92.3% compared to the previous week.