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ABCDE to Host Bitcoin Day on April 5th in Hong Kong

ABCDE has announced that it will host Bitcoin Day on April 5th at the St. Regis Hotel in Hong Kong, in collaboration with Cointime and SINOHOPE Technology ( ABCDE has invested in numerous star Bitcoin ecosystem projects such as Merlin Chain, Babylon, Polyhedra, Unisat, B^2 network, Bitlayer, Bitsmiley,, and more. The event will gather over 1000 participants, inviting top developers from Asia and around the world in the Bitcoin ecosystem, frontline investors, and representatives of regulatory bodies to discuss the expansion of the Bitcoin ecosystem, layer-2 ecosystems, composability, and decentralization. This is in anticipation of Bitcoin's halving in April, aiming to promote the prosperous development of the Bitcoin ecosystem together.

1inch announces protocol function upgrade, saving 16% on exchange and limit order transaction costs

According to the official blog, DEX aggregator 1inch announced improvements to the 1inch exchange and limit order functions. With these upgrades, 1inch users and integrators can enjoy more efficient exchange and limit orders, saving up to 16% in transaction costs compared to before.

USDY is launched on the Sui network as a new native stablecoin

According to an official announcement on March 1st, Sui Network has locked in a total value of over $500 million within nine months, which further supports the launch of the new stablecoin alternative, USDY, on the network. As a stablecoin alternative, the value of USDY is pegged to the US dollar at a one-to-one ratio while also earning profits for holders. The current plan also includes adding these profits to the token's price. Ondo Finance, the issuer of the USDY stablecoin, supports it with short-term US Treasury bonds and bank demand deposits. The token's name represents US dollar yield, symbolizing its profit-making characteristics. Stablecoins like USDC and USDT, similar to USDY, can also be traded on Sui. However, these are non-native tokens traded on Sui DEXes through smart contracts.

Binance Labs announces the list of 13 teams selected for the MVB Accelerator Program Season 7

According to the official blog, Binance Labs announced the 7th season MVB accelerator program with a list of 13 selected teams, which will undergo a 10-week course. The 13 selected projects are: BitU, a crypto-native collateralized stablecoin protocol, Blum, a hybrid trading platform, Surf, a liquidity center for all long-tail foreign assets, Vooi, a cross-chain perp DEX aggregator supporting EVM and non-EVM chains, Aggregata, a decentralized project that extends AI data, Nesa, a lightweight Layer-1, Nimble, a composable AI protocol, Aspecta, an AI-driven platform, Holoworld, a decentralized AI role market and social platform, Opinion Labs, a dynamic opinion and continuous prediction market, Side, a gaming and social platform, Story Chain, an AI-based dApp, and Tilted, a TikTok-like market.

NFT project TinFun plans to migrate to Blast

TinFun community voting has ended, with over 97% of the votes supporting the migration of TinFun to Blast. The project will start the final preparation work for migration and will announce the plan as soon as possible.

DeFi protocol Zest Protocol completed its first round of financing, led by Youbi Capital

DeFi protocol Zest Protocol has completed its first round of financing and will be launched on the Blast mainnet. The financing round was led by Youbi Capital, and the specific amount of financing has not been disclosed. Zest Protocol's DeFi product launched on the Blast Layer2 platform aims to provide a high-yield collateralized stablecoin solution. It separates the yield and price fluctuations of Blast ETH in a special way and has launched two innovative products: zUSD (a stablecoin that provides Blast ETH leverage yield) and mirrorETH (an on-chain leveraged Ethereum derivative with no funding fees). In addition, Zest Protocol will open a Genesis Pool pre-deposit on the Blast mainnet today, and users will receive Blast yield, Blast Points, and Zest Points.

Dmail Network: About 1.39 million DMAIL unclaimed will be used for the second quarter airdrop

The privacy email system Dmail Network officially announced that the application for the first season of DMAIL airdrop has ended, and the 1389709.9697 DMAIL that no one applied for will be used for the next round of airdrops. The second season of DMAIL airdrop will be conducted in May or July 2024, and participants who complete daily tasks can share more than 4.5 million DMAIL token shares (2.25% of the total supply).

Aptos Node V1.10.0 is pre-released on the testnet

Aptos Node V1.10.0 has been pre-released on the testnet, and the official recommendation is to update before 5:00 PM Pacific Time on March 5th. This version is compatible with the upcoming CLI version V2.5.0+.

ABCDE will host Bitcoin Day in Hong Kong on April 5

ABCDE announced that it will hold Bitcoin Day at the Regal Hotel in Hong Kong on April 5th, co-hosted by Nova Technology ( ABCDE has invested in Bitcoin ecological projects such as Merlin Chain, Babylon, Polyhedra, Unisat, B^2 network, Bitlayer, Bitsmiley,, etc. At that time, more than 1,000 participants will be gathered, inviting Bitcoin ecological developers, investors, and regulatory agencies from Asia and around the world to discuss the expansion, second-layer ecology, composability, and decentralization of the Bitcoin ecology, and to welcome the arrival of Bitcoin's halving in April, jointly promote the prosperity and development of the Bitcoin ecology.

HashKey Exchange: Due to Standard Chartered Bank’s system maintenance on March 4, Hong Kong dollar deposits and withdrawals on the platform will be affected

HashKey Exchange, a licensed virtual asset trading platform in Hong Kong, announced that due to Standard Chartered Bank's system upgrade and maintenance on March 4th, Hong Kong dollar deposits will be delayed from 3-6pm on that day, while Hong Kong dollar withdrawals will not be available.