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OpenSocial Protocol Completes $6 Million Strategic Financing

OpenSocial Protocol announced the completion of a $6 million strategic financing round, led by Framework Ventures and North Island Ventures, with participation from Hivemind Capital Partners, Stratos, Moonrock Capital, and others. Its total financing amount has reached $26 million so far.

RiskLayer Completes Builders Round Financing, Antler and Momentum 6 Lead Investors

On July 25th, RiskLayer, a DeFi security middleware on EigenLayer, completed its Builders Round financing with Antler and Momentum 6 as co-leaders, and participation from Wagmi Ventures, Hypotenuse Ventures, and angel investors such as Richard Ma.

RiskLayer plans to use this financing to accelerate the development of its Active Verification Service (AVS) infrastructure and prepare for the upcoming launch of pre-staking. It will also support the development of two AVS on EigenLayer, aimed at solving fundamental economic security issues in DeFi.

Web3 social aggregator Yup completes new round of financing, with Nascent and others participating

Web3 social aggregator Yup has completed a new round of financing, with participation from Nascent, IDEO CoLab Ventures, and Farcaster co-founder Dan Romero, among others. The specific amount of financing has not been disclosed. Yup provides creators with a simple way to establish a cohesive identity and audience, connecting their accounts across various services and publishing content on all platforms.

Web3 AI platform Assisterr completes $1.7 million in Pre-Seed funding

Web3 AI platform Assisterr has announced the completion of a $1.7 million Pre-Seed round of financing. Participating investors include Ventures, Moonhill capital, Contango, Outlier Ventures, Decasonic, Zephyrus Capital, Wise3 Ventures, Saxon, GFI Ventures, X Ventures, Koyamaki, Lucid Drakes Ventures. Angel investors include co-founder and CEO Michael Heinrich, Aethir co-founder and CEO Mark Rydon, Eigen Labs Developer Relations Director Nader Dabit, SwissBorg co-founder Anthony Lesoismier-Geniaux, Particle Network Developer Relations Manager Ethan Francis, and others. According to reports, Assisterr is an AI infrastructure startup based in Cambridge that aims to enable developers to build their own AI use cases using Assisterr's infrastructure. Using the Solana blockchain, Assisterr enables communities to collaborate, aggregate, and monetize their data and expertise in their professional fields.

Caldera Raises $15 Million in Series A Funding to Expand Metalayer Interoperability Ecosystem

Caldera, a platform that enables developers to quickly create layer-2 blockchains, has raised $15 million in a Series A funding round led by Founders Fund, Peter Thiel's investment firm. The funds will be used to expand Caldera's team and build out the Metalayer, an interoperability ecosystem that simplifies the process of launching applications across multiple blockchains. Caldera currently offers a user-friendly interface for launching layer-2 "rollup" chains that record data to Ethereum, with the ability to select a rollup ecosystem and customize components to fit specific use cases.

Oh Gamers announces a $1 million strategic investment in Web3 game Space Nation

On July 24th, Oh Gamers, a Web3 game player organization, announced a million-dollar strategic investment in the Web3 MMORPG game Space Nation, mainly through game assets and ecological construction. Oh Gamers CEO Roy Ding stated, "We believe that the emergence of Space Nation will be a phenomenal revolution in Web3 games, and players who pay for high-quality game content and emotional value have already begun to take shape. Oh Gamers will provide comprehensive support for Space Nation through token investment and game asset allocation in upcoming product matrices such as GamerID, OhGamers Market, and TapDap. Previously, Oh Gamers received a total of $3 million in angel round investment from Axia8 Ventures and multiple angel investors."

Pudgy Penguins parent company completes over $11 million in financing

Igloo, Inc., the parent company of Pudgy Penguins, has announced the completion of a financing round of over $11 million, led by Founders Fund and with participation from Distributed Capital, 1kx, Everest Ventures Group, and Selini Capital. Igloo plans to invest this strategic financing into the development of its new business, Cube Labs, which will oversee and contribute to the development of Abstract, a new consumer-focused blockchain aimed at mainstreaming encryption. Abstract is incubated by the non-profit organization Abstract Foundation, which will enable billions of people to go on-chain for the first time, and its testnet will be launched soon.

SingularityNET announces $53 million investment in AI infrastructure and modular supercomputers

SingularityNET, an artificial intelligence platform developer, announced an investment of $53 million in a decentralized modular supercomputer for general artificial intelligence (AGI). It is reported that the first phase will invest $26.5 million in the supercomputer, including Ecoblox's modular data center solution, graphics processing units (GPUs) and processors from companies such as Nvidia, AMD, and Tenstorrent, as well as AI servers from Asus and Gigabyte. The supercomputer will optimize the training of deep neural networks and large language models, promoting AGI's continuous learning and self-improvement.

Bitcoin L2 project Bitlayer Labs completes $11 million Series A financing

Bitcoin L2 project Bitlayer Labs announced the completion of a $11 million Series A financing round, with Franklin Templeton, ABCDE and Framework Ventures leading the investment and Stake Capital Group, WAGMI Ventures, Flow Traders, GSR Ventures, FalconX and others participating. The latest round of financing brings Bitlayer's total financing to $16 million. (Fortune)

Hybrid Layer-2 Protocol BOB Announces $1.6 Million Strategic Financing

BOB, a hybrid Layer-2 solution supported by Bitcoin and Ethereum, announced that it has received a comprehensive strategic financing of $1.6 million led by Ledger Ventures and Angel Round, which will be used to expand the influence of Layer-2 in the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems. The list of angel investors is extensive and includes leaders from companies such as BlackRock, Rarible, Ordinals, Aave, Curve, Threshold, Magic Eden, Mechanism, Injective, Vessel Capital, Babylon, Centrifuge, and more.