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Soul Rebirth: Will it be a unique GameFi experience?

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Soul Reborn is a new type of P2E (Play to Earn) MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that combines the concepts of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and NFT (Non-Fungible Token), originating from the renowned online game Soul Worker.

Soul Reborn is a truly immersive metaverse game that empowers users through rewarding their participation and enjoyment. The game utilizes innovative tokenomics, merging finance and gaming. Moreover, it incorporates the best practices of DeFi and NFT, creating a genuinely unique and everlasting ecosystem for free play and earning.

The vision of the project is that no NFT metaverse should be singular, but rather, every metaverse should be interconnected. By enabling NFT interoperability between games and platforms, each distinct NFT gains practicality and utility.


Soul Reborn is a true metaverse game based on the concept of MMORPG - a massive multiplayer online role-playing action game. In Soul Reborn, players will experience:

- Immersive scenic backgrounds rendered with cartoon graphics, bringing this game to life.

- The ability to create your own character with a unique PvP (player versus player) combat style.

- Dynamic game modes and storylines.

- Abundant PvE (player versus environment) content.


The team of Soul Reborn is composed of a group of professionals who are passionate about gaming and blockchain. They are dedicated to creating a true metaverse game that allows players to earn rewards while enjoying the fun of the game.

Firstly, Evan, the CEO of Soul Reborn, was a founding member of Lion Games Studios and has 9 years of game development experience. After leaving Lion Games, he co-founded Soul Reborn with Kim Sang-kyung and others.

Secondly, Miranda, the Chief Marketing Officer of Soul Reborn, previously held a human resources position at WISEKIDS and then worked in brand planning at The Kingdom of the Winds. She now serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at Soul Reborn.

In addition, Lucy Tan, a Singaporean, is a Java engineer and a blockchain architect with over ten years of blockchain development experience. She is currently leading the team in integrating Soul Reborn onto the blockchain.

There is also a game mechanical designer from Japan who has played important roles in various games, such as boss adjustments and new boss creation in "Ranran Hero," scriptwriting in "Underground Excavation: Treasure Holly," and specification production in "Virtual Fighter Fire Bar Combo."

Lastly, Kim Sang-kyung, the Chief Technology Officer of Soul Reborn, was formerly the Chief Technology Officer of Wizet's technical department in a South Korean gaming company, with over 13 years of development experience.

The team's diversity and rich background provide a solid foundation for Soul Reborn, enabling breakthroughs in both the gaming and blockchain fields. Their expertise and passion make the success of Soul Reborn possible and provide players with a unique and enjoyable gaming experience.

Token Economy

The token economy design of Soul Reborn is what sets it apart, combining the best practices of DeFi and NFT to create a truly unique and everlasting play-to-earn ecosystem. Players can earn tokens by participating in the game, which can be used to purchase in-game items or traded on the market.

In summary, Soul Reborn is an innovative P2E MMORPG game that incorporates the concepts of DeFi and NFT, providing players with a unique gaming experience. Whether you're a gaming enthusiast or a blockchain aficionado, this game offers something special.

The token economy system of Soul Reborn is a core component, encompassing various aspects of in-game token acquisition such as main quests, dungeons, personal arenas, staking pools, and official events. The maximum character level in the game is 160, which takes 93 days to achieve.

The in-game token system includes:

1. Soul Reborn $SRN - As the governance token of the game (total supply: 1 billion):

- Participate in offline activities such as dispatching (staking).

- Community management passport (voting).

- NFT trading tokens, marketplace consumption, etc.

- Payment of $SRN tokens as fees will enable the linking of transactional devices (only for the first phase of cards) to NFTs.

- $SRN tokens will be available for trading on DEX. Currently, only $BNB, USDT, and $MATIC trading pairs are available.

2. Academy token $CLG (circulating token) as the token output for Play-to-Earn:

- Upgrading or fusing cards and other operations require a certain amount of $CLG and materials.

- Registering for various activities requires a certain amount of $CLG + gold coins.

- Players can only obtain $CLG by participating in official activities such as dojo character training, PK rankings, boss instances, etc.

- To sell $CLG, one must have purchased NFTs or pay a certain amount of $SRN as processing fees.

3. Other tokens:

- Game coins and points obtained from various bases: can be used to purchase small props, register, upgrade cards, etc.

- Dojo points: obtained by completing dojo tasks or activities, can be used to redeem items and tradable NFTs in the dojo. The player with the highest points will receive a share of $CLG from the dojo as a reward.

- PVP points: obtained by participating in arenas and PVP activities, can be used to exchange for certain items. The player with the highest rank can redeem non-tradable, non-NFT equipment.

- Points from large-scale social games, such as instance race passport rewards and dojo battle points, will be available in the later stages.

The game also features a trading market on the official website, with the $SRN trading pair available for regional transactions. You can trade various in-game assets there. There is also a $CLG trading zone, but only a few NFTs are traded there.

Game missions consist of main quests and stamina-dependent upgrades. Your character's level determines the number of cards they can equip. By managing your stamina and missions effectively, you can reach a level where you can equip seven cards within three days. Main quests primarily reward experience points and some non-financial attribute items, enhancing mission attributes and advancing the game's story. Early official activities provide a very small amount of $CLG.

Secondary quests mainly yield non-tradable equipment and upgrade items used to enhance character attributes. The chance of receiving card fragments (which are tradable) depends on the quality of the cards your character possesses, allowing you to gain related benefits (secondary quests do not generate $CLG).

Soul Reborn also introduces the concept of AR battle cards and mystery boxes. These cards serve not only as collectibles but also as tools to assist players in battles. Higher-level cards (UR, SSR, SR, R) have greater value.

Concluding remarks

Soul Reborn is an innovative P2E MMORPG game that combines the concepts of DeFi and NFT, providing players with a unique gaming experience. Whether you are a gaming enthusiast or a blockchain enthusiast, Soul Reborn is definitely worth a try.


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