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NFTSTAR: Building the Web3 Sports Ecosystem Single-handedly

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The 2022 Qatar World Cup has just concluded, and while we enjoyed the thrilling spectacle of football, we also deeply felt the immense IP value of sports stars. The hidden commercial potential within this field is truly immeasurable.

From its very nature, IP is inherently compatible with NFTs, making them an ideal pairing. If they can be effectively combined, the commercial prospects are undoubtedly highly anticipated.

Today, we will introduce NFTSTAR, a project dedicated to seamlessly integrating sports star IP with Web3 technology.

NFTSTAR - Direct Connection between Sports Stars and Fans

NFTSTAR is a metaverse platform that focuses on the direct connection between sports stars and fans. It is dedicated to bridging the gap between sports stars and their fan clubs. NFTSTAR has already launched NFTs for renowned sports stars such as Brazilian football superstar Neymar, English Premier League Golden Boot winner Son Heung-min, and FIFA World Player of the Year Luis Figo, with plans for collaborations with other sports stars in the future.

In addition to sports star NFTs, NFTSTAR has independently developed a play-to-earn (P2E) game called MetaGoal. MetaGoal is a lightweight soccer strategy game characterized by its open nature, easy accessibility, and support for free-to-play. Player Cards within the game can be traded on OpenSea once they reach a certain level of upgrades. Players can enjoy the game and earn profits simultaneously.

It is reported that NFTSTAR envisions itself as an independent digital brand, paving the way for the sports ecosystem in the Web3 world. By establishing a community that supports interaction between sports stars and their fans, NFTSTAR aims to provide a paradise that combines GameFi and SocialFi functions for Web3 sports enthusiasts.

To achieve this goal, NFTSTAR has already launched multiple products, with sports star NFTs and the MetaGoal P2E game being at the core. Next, we will provide detailed introductions for these two products.

Sports Star NFTs

NFTSTAR has currently released four types of NFTs: the Neymar NFT series, Son Heung-min NFT series, Luis Figo MFT series, and Renaissance Roar NFT series.

Holders of these four types of NFTs will enjoy exclusive benefits, which cover a wide range of areas, including Starcoin rewards (NFTSTAR's official token), fan benefits, airdrop rewards, and future NFT whitelist rewards, among others. We won't go into detail on each benefit. Next, we will focus on NFTSTAR's NFT staking mechanism.

According to NFTSTAR's official website, holders of certain NFT series can stake their NFTs to earn profits, including Mcoin and Player Cards.

Mcoin and Player Cards are core items in the MetaGoal P2E game, allowing users to experience the game and earn profits.

Currently, only two types of NFTs support staking activities: the Neymar NFT series and Son Heung-min NFT series. The rewards differ between them as well.

Holders of Neymar NFTs can stake their NFTs to receive a daily reward of 1000 Mcoins and a Player Card NFT reward every 15 days.

Holders of Son Heung-min NFTs can stake their NFTs to receive a daily reward of 250 Mcoins.

NFTSTAR does not impose any restrictions on the staking duration. In principle, the longer the staking period, the greater the rewards. The Mcoin rewards are settled daily, while the Player Card NFT rewards are settled every 15 days.

MetaGoal - A P2E Game with GamFi and SocialFi Features

NFTSTAR's involvement in the Web3 sports arena is undoubtedly extensive. In addition to NFTs, they have launched a P2E game called MetaGoal, which revolves around football.

MetaGoal is a Web3 football manager game that incorporates elements of GamFi and SocialFi. As NFTSTAR's first native game, MetaGoal is characterized by its open nature. Users can acquire Player Card NFTs by minting them from the open market or receiving airdrops from NFTSTAR. By participating in daily matches, training courses, and events, players can upgrade their player cards and obtain new ones. These cards can be used in the game or traded with other users for profits. Apart from the initial player cards distributed through official airdrops by NFTSTAR, all other player cards are generated by users themselves.

As a P2E game project, MetaGoal provides a strong complement to the NFTSTAR metaverse.

MetaGoal features a league system consisting of six divisions:

1.       Amateur League

2.       D-League

3.       C-League

4.       B-League

5.       A-League

6.       Champions League

Each league lasts for three days, during which players need to strategize and adjust their player cards to compete against opponents and win matches. Players can enhance their competitiveness by training their players and acquiring new player cards.

Each player card in MetaGoal is unique. They have different appearances, attributes, personalities, lifestyles, and career development paths, making the game itself more engaging.

In addition to the mentioned features, MetaGoal also includes a player retirement system. Each player card has an initial age setting, and every 30 days, they age one year until they retire. This retirement system creates a deflationary mechanism, bringing fresh blood to MetaGoal and ensuring the game's long-term development to some extent.


In the realm of Web3 sports, NFTSTAR has encompassed various aspects, ranging from NFTs to GameFi and even social interactions. It single-handedly constructs the Web3 sports ecosystem.

Considering the Web3 sports arena as a whole, it undoubtedly holds great potential. It is well known that sports competitions are closely intertwined with IP and the effect of influence. These elements are crucial for the crypto market, which requires new vitality. By connecting with the Web2 world through the sports arena, Web3 can gain a stable user base, resulting in a meaningful win-win situation.


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