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iPollo Metaverse Appears at the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen

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On November 8, 2023, Wuzhen welcomed its annual grand event, the World Internet Conference. This year, the expo with the theme of “The Light of the Internet” highlighted the diversity of interaction, allowing the audience to experience the profound impact of the digital internet and economy.

Owned by Nano Tech, iPollo Metaverse made its appearance at the Internet Conference with its 3D matrix scanning cabin and unique full-color 3D printing technology, once again becoming a major highlight of the exhibition and attracting numerous exhibitors and spectators. On-site staff introduced the 3D scanning and printing technology for instant photo capture, and showed a series of 3D figures of athletes made during the Asian Games.

Visitors flocked to the 3D matrix scanning cabin, experiencing the marvelous process of capturing modeling materials in just one second.

During the expo, CCTV News reporter experienced iPollo Metaverse in person, gaining an in-depth understanding of its technological innovation. They produced a special feature report, which was broadcasted through CCTV News and CCTV apps, attracting widespread attention. iPollo Metaverse even reached the top of the trending list on CCTV app.

Director Mr. Li Pengde and Deputy Director Mr. Ma Ming from the United Nations Innovation Center also came to exchange ideas on iPollo Metaverse related technologies. After experiencing it themselves, they highly praised the achievements it has made in technological innovation.

Mrs. Shen Beili, the Secretary of the Party Group and Vice Chairperson of the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation(SCLF), and her delegation visited and experienced the 3D scanning technology. They had in-depth discussions with the staff about its applications in various scenarios.

Leaders from the Internet Information Office and the Propaganda Department of various regions also gave high praise and showed great interest in this technological innovation.

Through the 3D matrix scanning and full-color 3D printing technologies, iPollo Metaverse perfectly presents digital IP in the real world, allowing a wide range of enthusiasts to experience the novelty and charm brought by the Metaverse. We will continue to strive to create more wonderful experiences and memories for our users.


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