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HKUST Web3 Public Forum Invites Nano Labs Founder to Attend

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On June 25th, Web3 Public Forum was hosted jointly by Blockchain Academy, Alibaba Cloud, Cyberport, and HKUST Crypto-Fintech Lab at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Professor Wang Yang, Vice President of HKUST, gave the opening speech, warmly welcoming guests and students in attendance. He pointed out that HKUST will make every effort to promote Web3 in Hong Kong, helping Hong Kong to become the center of Web3 in Asia and even the world, and also opening the door to the future for young people.

Jack Kong, Director of Cyberport and Nano Labs Founder, delivered the speech on the theme of “The Singularity of AI is Near, Web3 Entrepreneurship is Just in Time”, in which he had a friendly exchange on topics related to Hong Kong Web3 policy.

Later, Professor Wang Yang, Jack Kong, and Charles Li, Micro Connect Founder participated in the offline public forum to share their opinions on "Web3 + Traditional Finance" and chatted with HKUST students about Web3!


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