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Crust Network:decentralized cloud storage provider for Web3

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The Crust Network’s vision is to make decentralized cloud resources accessible to the world.Crust Network is a decentralized cloud storage provider which was designed to realize three of our core values: decentralization, privacy, and assurance.

Crust supports multiple storage-layer protocols such as IPFS, and exposes instant accessible on-chain storage functions to users.

There are three main functions of Crust: NFT and Metaverse Metadata storage, personal file storage, and Website/dApp hosting. CRU is Crust Network’s native token now has been listed on Huobi,, Uniswap, coinone, bitmart and other exchanges. The users can find the way to buy CRU on the official website directly:

There are two ways to generate CRU tokens: one is generated at one time when the main network is initiated; the other is generated as blocks are produced. The number of genesis blocks as Crust initiated main network: 20,000,000 CRU Mainly used in Community development, Crust ecological construction, technical team (20%) and Foundation reservation.

The tokens generated by the block have rewards every cycle, and the points can also be redeemed for rewards. The rewards are mainly for participating nodes in the network to maintain the security of the network protocol. The total distribution method is first year 5,000,000 CRU from the second year onwards, it will be reduced by 12% each year, and will not decrease until the inflation rate of the whole network reaches 2.8%.

Financing situation and future financing plan

Crust is an open source project funded by DCF (Decentralized Cloud Foundation). In alignment with Crust technical stack, DCF also funds and supports multiple open source projects like Encrypted IPFS. Crust is under active development and maintenance by global development teams.

Crust has completed the A round of financing. Investors in this round mainly include NGC Ventures, AU21 Capital, Bitscale Capital, Chain Captial, DFG, HashCIB, IOSG, KR1, KNS Group, Lotus Capital, Origin Capital, SNZ, Bisheng Capital, Consensus The laboratory, Waterdrop Capital and Taihe Capital, etc., the seed round strategic investor Chengdu Wuji Chain Technology continued to invest additionally. There are temporarily no future financing plans.

Recent marketing result and plan

After the mainnet launch, Crust has fully improved developer tools and cross-chain storage solutions and is committed to creating an out-of-box, seamless, original-ipfs-oriented decentralized storage experience. Crust also made full use of on-chain democracy to actively improve the protocol layer and create a cheaper and more practical storage market.

So far, the followers of Crust Twitter has reached 108.9k. Continuing to grow community members is one of our next market goals.Crust community ambassadors will plan a series of marketing activities to retain content and expand potential market opportunities to ensure Crust’s global influence.

In the next stage, Crust will mainly focus on North America, Europe, Japan, and other regions, cooperate with projects, carry out a series of offline activities and gather community strength.

company view and plan for the track

Crust adjusted the basic strategy and the future roadmap, committed to developing the developer community and providing more storage services for Web3.

In terms of protocol layer development, Crust is committed to adding diversified functions, making Crust a more open underlying storage facility to meet the needs of the Web3 ecosystem for storing valuable data.

On the developer side, it will improve the usability of developers using Crust. The newly added functions mainly include data indexing service, data encryption and authorization service, identity aggregation and data labeling, MPoW storage proof upgrade, network expansion, etc. Data privacy and Identity Aggregation (DID) have certainly established Crust’s importance in the Web3 ecosystem, both of which will make it easier for any user to enter Web3.

These features will facilitate users to store more valuable data on the Crust network and also make Crust a more developer-friendly protocol. Crust will be able to be integrated by different projects with more services, expand the Crust ecosystem and application scenarios, and further enhance the value capture capability of CRU.

For cooperation, please contact: [email protected]


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