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Waterfall Network completed US$2 million in financing, led by ByteTrade Lab

On November 1st, decentralized smart contract platform Waterfall Network announced the completion of a $2 million Pre-A round of financing, led by ByteTrade Lab. The company plans to use this new funding to promote the release of its mainnet in the first quarter of 2024.
The EVM-compatible decentralized smart contract network currently being built by Waterfall Network allows any device (including low-cost laptops and mobile phones) to run validator nodes, while also providing users with more access and full control over their data, promoting true on-chain decentralized governance.


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    On May 23, MUA DAO, a creator community driven by artificial intelligence, announced that it has received a $5 million investment from investors including Avalanche, ByteTrade, Rocktree Capital, and individual investor Wu Jihan.It is reported that the MUA DAO team officially released the MUA-7648 universal asset multi-chain protocol, which supports one-click conversion of all-chain digital assets into 3D, accelerates asset modularization, and supports the issuance of additional shares and royalty recursion for asset splitting and combination, realizing high liquidity and value enhancement of assets.At the same time, the team released a new $MUA economic model, of which 45% will be used for community incentives. Users who actively participate in official activities, hold various types of MUA assets, and contribute to the MUA-7648 protocol will receive corresponding airdrop incentives based on their activity level.The first phase of the MUA7648 BigFun NFT-Fi airdrop party will be launched on May 30, with the support of more than 30 leading BTC and ETH NFT & inscription projects and the Mantle Ecology Foundation. The prize pool includes $MUA and $MNT, worth more than $500,000. The event includes multiple gameplay such as creating and trading MUA7648 assets, inviting rankings, and specific asset bonuses. MUA will continue to launch a series of airdrop activities in the future.
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