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Vitalik: As L2 transaction costs decrease, there’s no reason why Ethereum can’t be widely adopted

After the upgrade and introduction of blobs on Ethereum Dencun, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin shared his insights on the future direction of Ethereum's expansion. Vitalik emphasized the transformation of Ethereum's expansion from basic expansion work to centralized, progressive enhancement. Vitalik also stated that developers' focus will shift to the application layer. Ethereum will maintain its roadmap centered on L2, and applications will migrate from L1 to L2 to benefit from faster and more cost-effective transactions. An upcoming upgrade is Data Availability Sampling (DAS), which aims to increase the data space for each slot to 16 MB. Progressive expansion improvements include gradually increasing blob capacity, improving data compression, and EIP-7623 (aimed at reducing maximum block size). Vitalik pointed out that with the reduction of L2 transaction costs, there is no reason why Ethereum should not be widely adopted.


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