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Three Whales deposited a total of 4.08 million DYDX to CEX in the past 12 hours

Spotonchain monitoring shows that in the past 12 hours, the Three Whales address has deposited 4.08 million DYDX tokens (worth 13.9 million US dollars) into exchanges.

0xb0d (possibly AmberGroup) deposited 2.37 million DYDX tokens (approximately 8.04 million US dollars at a price of 3.39 USDT) into Binance three hours ago. Since the unlock on December 1st, the address has deposited 9.2 million DYDX tokens (worth 29.8 million US dollars at a price of 3.24 USDT) into Binance and currently holds 3.26 million DYDX tokens (worth 11.27 million US dollars);

0x01a deposited 1.2 million DYDX tokens (worth 4.09 million US dollars at a price of 3.41 USDT) into Kraken about 4 hours ago and currently holds 2.81 million DYDX tokens (worth 9.71 million US dollars);

CMS Holdings deposited 516,023 DYDX tokens (worth 1.73 million US dollars) into Binance 11 hours ago.


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