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The daily trading volume of spot Bitcoin ETF is approximately US$4.7 billion, the second highest in history

According to Bloomberg analyst James Seyffart's data, as of Thursday's US stock market close, the daily trading volume of the US spot Bitcoin ETF was about $4.7 billion, lower than the historical high of $7.7 billion set the previous day, ranking the second highest in history. Among them:

BlackRock: $1,881,560,590

Grayscale: $1,360,694,512

Fidelity: $1,006,042,968

ARK Investment: $193,745,064

Fidelity: $151,093,710

JPMorgan: $46,948,701

VanEck: $23,374,814

WisdomTree: $13,921,081

Franklin Templeton: $11,912,085

Valkyrie: $3,148,894

Hashdex: $785,830.


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