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Solana Atomic SVM Layer2 Sonic Completes $12 Million Series A Funding, Bitkraft Leads Investment

Solana's atomic SVM Layer2 Sonic has completed a $12 million Series A financing round, led by Bitkraft, with participation from Galaxy Interactive, Big Brain Holdings, Matt Sorg (Solana founding team), Nom (Bonk), and other institutions and individuals. This round of financing will be used to promote Sonic's product upgrades and ecological expansion. Sonic will soon launch a testnet incentive program, inviting users to experience its various ecological games on the testnet and have the opportunity to receive token airdrops. In early 2022, Sonic completed a $4 million seed round of financing, bringing its total financing to $16 million. Sonic's developer is Mirror World Labs. Sonic is the first SVM L2 that achieves atomic interoperability with Solana, enabling fast synchronization of its Layer2 network with Solana's mainnet state. Developers can share the mainnet's Program, state, and data without the need for duplicate contract deployment. In addition, Sonic also integrates the infrastructure for adapting to Solana game development and deployment, such as sandbox environments, customizable game development modules, and scalable data types. Combined with Solana's virtual machine (SVM) parallel execution mode and the characteristics of the localized transaction fee market, Sonic provides faster transaction speeds, lower and more stable transaction fees, and a faster and smoother on-chain gaming experience for on-chain game players.


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