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Security agency: Fake USDT recharges appeared on the TON chain, and exchanges need to be careful to prevent fake recharge incidents

Security firm Dilation Effect warned on Twitter that attackers have been attempting large-scale fake USDT (Tether) deposits on the TON chain. Dilation Effect's on-chain monitoring system discovered a malicious address EQBPePiHXhg8XzSRe6FWsDS8s2OHLS1Z2GrW2REL56pMTIKA deploying a fake USDT token contract whose metadata is identical to official USDT, and has been conducting fake deposit tests on major exchanges. Dilation Effect specifically warned that many exchanges have recently begun supporting USDT deposits on the TON chain, and their systems may not be fully developed and may be vulnerable to fake deposit attacks. Attackers typically start with small-scale test deposits and then increase the amount gradually, attempting to deceive larger amounts of funds. Exchanges should strengthen monitoring, especially for large TON chain USDT deposits, and conduct strict reviews to prevent fake deposit incidents from affecting fund security.


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