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Prediction Markets Skeptical of Biden-Trump Handshake at 2024 Presidential Debate, Polymarket Bettors Give 14% Chance of Cryptocurrency Donations, and Manifold Forecasters Predict Guardian Correction on Sam Bankman-Fried and "Scientific Racism" Article

Prediction markets indicate that the chances of a handshake between Donald Trump and Joe Biden during the first in-person presidential debate in the 2024 election cycle are low. The absence of this traditional gesture during the 2020 debate cycle was due to Covid protocols. Polymarket bettors give a 32% chance of a handshake occurring. The Guardian is predicted to correct at least one factual statement in an article linking prediction markets to convicted fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried and "scientific racism" with an 84% chance according to Manifold forecasters. The Edmonton Oilers won a major victory in the fourth game of the Stanley Cup finals, but prediction markets still favor the Florida Panthers to win with a 90% chance of victory.


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