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Origin Protocol: OGV will be merged into OGN, and native LST is planned to be launched on other EVM compatible chains

Multi-chain yield DeFi project Origin Protocol has announced its product roadmap and token economics improvement plan. Among them, the OGN and OGV merger proposal aims to integrate all of Origin's product suite with a single governance and value-accumulating token, OGN. The Origin Treasury will lock all converted OGN (from the OGV merger) as voting escrowed OGN to ensure that the circulating supply of OGN does not increase significantly in the short term. OGV holders and veOGV stakers will have one year to convert their assets into OGN and voting escrowed OGN, respectively. The voting deadline is 08:00 on April 10th.In addition, Origin Protocol will launch native LST on other EVM compatible chains and recently partnered with Chainlink CCIP to introduce OETH to Layer2. Origin Protocol will launch wrapped OETH (wOETH) on Arbitrum in April.


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