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OKX Web3 wallet is connected to the game public chain WEMIX

According to official sources on January 5th, OKX Web3 wallet has now become the first to access the WEMIX network. Users can switch to the WEMIX network with just one click without manual configuration. OKX Web3 wallet App, Web and plugin terminals all support seamless storage and management of WEMIX ecosystem assets.

It is reported that WEMIX public chain is a game public chain under the Korean game giant WEMADE, which has been upgraded to version 3.0. Its aim is to create a borderless giant ecosystem and build an open source Web3.0 era. OKX Web3 wallet is a one-stop Web3 entrance, which now supports 85+ public chains, with unified App, plugin and web terminals, covering wallet, DEX, DeFi, NFT market, DApp exploration 5 major sections, and supporting Ordinals market, MPC and AA smart contract wallets, exchange Gas, connect hardware wallets, etc.


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