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Nearly 90 million SHIB removed from circulation in the past 24 hours

Nearly 90 million SHIB tokens were removed from circulation in the past 24 hours, and Shiba Inu's burning rate surged by 50,000%.


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  • A certain address destroyed 11.51 million DOGE 16 minutes ago, worth $1.86 million

    According to on-chain data, an address transferred 11.51 million DOGE, worth $1.86 million, to a black hole address (zero address) 16 minutes ago.
  • Vitalik unlocked 845,205 STRK from the Locked Token Grant contract 50 minutes ago

    According to on-chain analyst Yu Jin's monitoring, V God unlocked and received 845,205 STRK tokens worth $1.07 million from the Starknet Locked Token Grant contract 50 minutes ago.
  • Fidelity FBTC holdings exceed 150,000 Bitcoins, with a market value of over $10 billion

    The net inflow of the Fidelity Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) FBTC was $19.1224 million yesterday. The total historical net inflow of FBTC has now reached $8.67 billion. According to the latest data from Dune Analytics, FBTC's holdings have exceeded 150,000 Bitcoins, currently reaching 151,797 Bitcoins, and the market value of holdings has also exceeded $10 billion, reaching $10.3 billion. So far, Fidelity is the third-largest holder of spot Bitcoin ETFs, second only to Grayscale (287,701 Bitcoins) and BlackRock (275,756 Bitcoins).
  • Bitcoin spot ETFs had a total net inflow of $108 million yesterday, continuing a net inflow for 9 consecutive days

    On May 24th, according to SoSoValue data, the net inflow of Bitcoin spot ETF on May 23rd was $108 million. Yesterday, Grayscale's (Grayscale) GBTC had a net outflow of $13.7209 million, and the historical net outflow of GBTC is currently $17.641 billion. The Bitcoin spot ETF with the highest net inflow in a single day is BlackRock's IBIT, with a net inflow of $88.9516 million in a single day, and the total historical net inflow of IBIT has reached $16.171 billion. The second is Fidelity's FBTC, with a net inflow of $19.1224 million in a single day, and the total historical net inflow of FBTC has reached $8.67 billion.
  • USDC Treasury destroys more than 65 million USDC

    Whale Alert monitoring shows that USDC Treasury destroyed approximately 65,025,829 USDC worth $65,058,341 at around 23:21 on May 23rd Beijing time.
  • In the past 12 hours, the entire network has liquidated $319 million, and the amount of ETH liquidation exceeds BTC

    Data shows that in the past 12 hours, there were liquidations of $319 million throughout the entire network, including $237 million in long positions and $81.242 million in short positions. BTC liquidations were $66.6292 million and ETH liquidations were $122 million.
  • ETH momentum indicator has jumped to its highest level since May 2021

    According to based on TradingView data, the ETH momentum indicator (which measures the rate of change in price over 10 days) has risen to $880, the highest level since May 2021, and other indicators such as RSI show the same trend. Decentralized market Lyra's options traders predict that bitcoin prices will rise to $5,000 by the end of the second quarter. The current resistance level is the high point of $4,090 set in April, followed by the historical high of $4,692 during the 2021 bull market.
  • ETH breaks through $3,800

    Golden Finance reported that according to market data, ETH has broken through $3800 and is currently trading at $3802, with a daily increase of 1.33%. The market is volatile, so please be prepared for risk control.
  • 2 wallets deposited 211 billion SHIB into Coinbase within 10 hours

    According to The Data Nerd's monitoring, within 10 hours, 2 wallets (with the same amount of SHIB) deposited a total of 211 billion SHIB (about 5.16 million US dollars) into Coinbase. These wallets accumulated these SHIBs last week, and if sold at the current price, it would cause a small loss (about 120,000 US dollars).